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Case Study: Wi-Fi Analytics Solution for VIVO City Mall, Singapore

Kiwire and Omaya Deliver Powerful Campaign & Analytics to Largest Mall in Singapore by Offering Free Wi-Fi Service.

Introduction VIVO City , Singapore’s largest mall with 1,047,091 sq ft of NLA spread over a three-storey shopping complex and two basement levels. VivoCity is positioned as a multi-dimensional retail and lifestyle destination for Singaporeans and tourists alike, offering visitors a unique waterfront shopping and dining experience.

Malls are an ideal ground for experimenting new retail formats, designs and technologies such as guest Wi-Fi. They are increasingly acting as an enabler for omni-channel retailing, providing enhanced services for customers and assisting retailers with their distribution and fulfillment strategies by way of offering free Wi-Fi.

Challenge How to deal with more than 100,000 customers a day? Very few people carried their laptops to malls, but with the increasing number of mobile devices and tablets, demand for Wi-Fi internet access in shopping malls is constantly rising. Majority of mall visitors, look for Wi-Fi access to stay connected with their friends and families.

In a given scenario of shopping malls, there are several branded stores and thousands of people visiting the malls each day. So apart from the challenges of implementing a Wi-Fi network, shopping malls should also ensure proper internet access management and maintenance.

With the rapidly increasing consumer demand for WiFi, the Vivo City needed fast & reliable WiFi which allowed users to obtain internet access with their social media accounts. The centre needed a WiFi platform that could providing an additional level of connection for its retailers & visitors.

Solution Kiwire provides the opportunity for shopping malls and tenants to acquire customer insights from their Wi-Fi network including footfall traffic, which of course will impact rent and shopping mall revenues. The combination of Kiwire and Omaya can also be used to assist shoppers with mall navigation, timely information and alerts and provide a more personalized shopping experience.

So, in order to improve the experience of their visitors, the management decided to invest in the Synchroweb platform served by Kiwire and Omaya , as it allows us to identify the movement of visitors in the mall and validate the impact of our events in terms of traffic through the use of heat maps.

Vivo City are primarily using Kiwire and Omaya to improve the customer experience and influence dwell time in the mall. This is being achieved by identifying patterns of footfall, analyzing demographic information about visitors and pinpointing which zones they spend most of their time in.

All of this information is helping Vivo City management team to personalize their campaigns, increase dwell time and communicate with customers effectively.

Results The VIVO City also benefits by tracking invaluable customer data that can be used to reward subscribed customers with coupons and vouchers based on their visit history.   In-order to ensure safe and secured internet access network for your network and users accessing it, network architecture needs a solution which allows only authenticated user traffic, controls bandwidth and maintains user logs.

Also of great importance to them was a solution with highly manageable security, ensuring that only appropriate content is accessed which will in turn increase customer confidence and loyalty.


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