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Industries: Retails

All-in-one WiFi marketing, analytics and campaign software for retail and malls

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Offering Free WiFi to Your Customers Makes Them Stay Longer

More than 60% of businesses reported that customers spend more time lingering in their shops when free WiFi is offered, which is profitable to your brand.

Kiwire make it possible to gather information about every person who connects to Wi-Fi in a shop or a shopping center. You can gather basic demographic data, email address or information regarding customer behaviors.

The most important task of marketing when it comes to most products, and particularly services, is to build customer loyalty.

Product Recommendations:


Customer data, upselling and remarketing

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Remarketing Email & Ads

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Review Request after Visit

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Enhanced Marketing Across your Malls

Your customers are on their phones, and you should be too. Market to them using WiFi to send text or email campaigns.

Send marketing emails to your customers automatically based on when they visit you, or don’t visit you in some cases.

Welcome your customers by let them know whats happening on their arrival which is events, sales and apps.

Gather the feedback by launch the survey after customers visit  your store and request positive feedback to go online.

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