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Delight your students, staff, and visitors with easy, streamlined one-click Wi-Fi connectivity.

Benefits of Education Wi-Fi

Improved learning facilities

Instant access to wide range of online resources

Increased student engagement and interaction

Efficient reporting and staff administration

Improved parent/teacher communications

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Effective Solutions to Protect your Students from COVID-19

During this difficult time and situation for schools and universities, we see temperature screening systems (that uses new AI thermal imaging camera technology) as the only solution to enable you to mitigate risk of coronavirus spread and reassure your students that you can operate safely. 

Allows management to scan large numbers of students as they walk in

Displays and detects critical body temperature elevations in real time.

Alerts authorities when identified students with raised temperatures

Protects whole school health by screening for fevers caused by viruses.

Measure Occupancy for Staffing

and Operations

Security measures can prevent unauthorised visitors or staff from leaving the premises with company assets

Performance management system

Notify the environmental conditions with precision and accuracy.

Measuring staff foot traffic and engagement 

Optimise staff rosters, as well as for head office to quickly identify venues that require attention.

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