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Industries: Food and Beverages

Restaurant’s guest Wi-Fi network allows you to do so much more to keep pace with trends as you offer ways for your customers to stay connected digitally.


Cost-Effective way to Stay Connected to Grow your Business

You can promote your business via the login page by using adds or video adds. Collect any information you want from your customers for marketing purpose.

The connected generation can send photos & reviews of your food to social media in return.

You can learn many details about your customer by  acquire information about their social habits to improve relations, choose effective platforms for advertising and personalize marketing messages. 

Guests can connect with friends and invite them to the party at your business

Attracting large business groups opens opportunities for catering, private parties and food deliveries.

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Transform New Customers Into Repeat Customers


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Reach your customers using email campaigns in real time or after they’ve left the store.


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The customer data is right stay safe with you. We provide an effective content filtering system.



Understand your customers with rich profiles detailing identity, demographics, and behaviour.


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Identify which customers are visiting your venues most often but not using the loyalty scheme. 


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WiFi marketing software that directly targets your customers and builds relationships with your brand.


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Create a quality and consistent brand experience across multiple platforms for our guests at the brewery and after their visit. 

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