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Wi-Fi Analytics

Wi-Fi analytics allow you to Measure customer behavior, trigger campaigns, and track marketing ROI. Kiwire solution provides analytical tools to help locations optimize operations and improve marketing performance.


Drive business growth with new insights into your customers’ behaviours and preferences.

WiFi Analytics is data captured through Wi-Fi access points that can be used to inform and improve business operations, physical layouts, and marketing initiatives. There are two types of data collected over WiFi - presence analytics and marketing analytics. Data reported may include any or all of the following:

Wi-Fi Presence Analytics:

Location Analytics:  Making smarter decisions based on information about a physical space. This one can be confusing because technically detecting shoppers’ movement patterns within a store is location analytics, but knowing traffic patterns in a city is also location analytics. 


Behavioral data including new and returning visitor patterns, dwell times, and traffic patterns.

Wi-Fi Marketing Analytics:

Demographic data such as customer name, age, birthday, gender, city & etc.


Social WiFi:  Technology that asks visitors to login to free Wi-Fi using their social media accounts.  By doing this in combination with other WiFi analytics information, it can provide an accurate description of both visitor usage patterns and demographic information.

How Can Wi-Fi Analytics Help My Business?


With presence analytics, every step is data.
Learn how your customers move through your location. Where do they go first, where do they pause longest, and what space do they avoid or miss entirely? Presence analytics reveal traffic flow patterns and behavior trends in and around your location.


Comprehensive dashboard turns data into insights.

A Wi-Fi Analytics platform allows you to integrate collected data with existing datasets, giving you a seamless, holistic view of your entire operation.

How Wi-Fi Analytics Works

Up-to-date user data collected thru your wifi network that let you understand your operation, Kiwire have over 70+ reports screen that enable you to fully understand your network, users, campaign and more.

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Compatible Wi-Fi Devices Controllers

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