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We offer free workshops, info sessions, product demonstrations on networking products from wireless technology to advanced analytics to help you develop knowledge skills and improve personal success. Always be prepared!



Wi-Fi Captive Portal

Get started with Wi-Fi Marketing, Guest Wi-Fi & Analytics

27/07/2022  |  Wednesday

11.00AM  |  50 Minutes

Kiwire - How does IP-COM can be works with Kiwire system.

Discover and learn the new and innovative strategies for configuring IP-COM devices with Kiwire, Wi-Fi Hotspot and Captive Portal Solutions.

28/09/2022  |  Wednesday

11.00AM  |  50 Minutes

How does Kiwire & Omaya can be your One Stop Solution.

This course discover how Kiwire and Omaya can combines and be the best one stop solution for many sector industries.

09/11/2022  |  Wednesday

11.00AM  |  50 Minutes

Kiwire - How does UBNT can be works with Kiwire system.

This course discover how Ubiquiti Networks works with Kiwire system, the Wi-Fi Hotspot and Captive Portal Solutions.

04/01/2023  |  Wednesday

11.00AM  |  50 Minutes

Kiwire - The Advanced Captive with Wi-Fi Marketing & Analytics.

The introduction course on how Kiwire can be single platform that enables your customers to offer guest or user, Wi-Fi or network access.


The Data Analytics


Get started with Wi-Fi Marketing, Guest Wi-Fi & Wi-Fi for Analytics

24/08/2022  |  Wednesday

11.00AM  |  50 Minutes

Omaya - Introduction of Omaya System (by versions).

This course explains Omaya software is a location-based platform that helps you understand how people move around your venue.



Routers and Wireless Solution for Home and Office.

Router & Wireless

14/09/2022  |  Wednesday

11.00AM  |  50 Minutes

Mikrotik - Introduction of The Dude

This course explain how The Dude as a free application by MikroTik, which can dramatically improve the way you manage your network environment.

07/12/2022  |  Wednesday

11.00AM  |  50 Minutes

Customized Hotspot UserManager, External RADIUS Server

Building a wireless hotspot suing MikroTik and managing the hotspot accounts using MikroTik User Manager .


Ubiquiti Networks

UI Future

Welcome to the UI of the future. Thoughtful design meets network technology

10/08/2022  |  Wednesday

11.00AM  |  50 Minutes

Introduction to UBNT AirMAX & AirFiber

This course explains some guidance on what products are ideal for different purposes between airMAX and airFiber.

12/10/2022  |  Wednesday

11.00AM  |  50 Minutes

Getting started UBNT UAP Network & Wireless

Learn how to get started with UAP, set up your devices, and use the UAP Network application to manage your new UAP Network.

21/12/2022  |  Wednesday

11.00AM  |  50 Minutes

Troubleshooting Offline Cloud Key & Other Stability Issues

This course will explain how to troubleshoot, resolve and prevent Cloud Key failures and stability issues.


Mimosa Networks

Massive Focus on Wireless

Making Fiber-Fast Fixed Wireless a Reality

26/10/2022 |  Wednesday

11.00AM  |  50 Minutes

Introducing Mimosa’s C5x Integrated Radio

The Mimosa C5x is the industry’s most versatile, integrated radio with modular twist-on 12, 16, 20 and 25 dBi antenna options.



World Wide Wireless

The Newest Wiring Free Wi-Fi Solutions