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Industries: Hospitality

Engage and Build Loyalty with your Guests using your Hotel Wi-Fi


Major Advantages of Hospitality Wi-Fi

You could offer returning guests access to a faster public network as a reward for their loyalty. People want to know that companies personally care about them.

There is also the fact that many tenants will want to stream videos, post on social media, watch movies and do many other things. Give your guests the possibility to do all this without effort and they will love your hotel for it.

An engagement module can bring you many advantages. You can promote your company’s services and collect feedback directly through your guests’ browsers.

Product Recommendations:

Wifi hotel_free.png

Learn what your guest demographics are

Obtain a deeper understanding of your guests both as individuals and as a whole. Build stronger relationships with them by developing strategies to communicate in a more personalized way.

Easily comprehend the interests and demographics of your clientele and streamline your strategies with WiFi marketing for hospitality.

Customized your own Login Flow 

For hospitality industry , Kiwire let your guest login securely using their room number and name during check-in.

Offer 1 click login for the most simplest login method for user, while still provide tracking capability

Integrate your own social login apps, SMS opt-in, custom forms and more.

Offer a social-paid guest WiFi solution and generate more revenue.

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