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True Value of Crowd Analytics

Did you know that it is possible to obtain and analyse visitor patterns using Wi-Fi?

Learn how can you potentially benefits with this technology.


Measure People Traffic Flow

Gain insights into how your customers use your venues and facilities. Know if your workspace staff and customers who stay in your venue or shopping mall. The Omaya platform makes it easy to see how customers move through your facilities and which ones represent the highest value.

Grow Your Business

Solutions tailored to provide measurable benefits to your organization and helping you achieve your goals. Take the advantages of visual info and find out visitor popular hangout zones to plan ahead promotions & campaigns.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is directly linked to sales conversion. Great customer experience nearly always results in sales and repeat sales! Unlike basic people counters, Omaya provides actual customer experience data that identifies where your team are delivering and they're they're falling short.


Real Time Analytics

Real-time analytics tell you when customers come and go, returning customer and when business is booming. And this lets you align staffing levels with demand.

Facial & Body


Omaya Vision using camera technology which is allow recognise demographic data such as gender, age group & emotion. Get to know who your customers are, blacklisted or VIP guest.

Sales Conversion

Omaya analyses conversion as it relates to customer experience, sales data, traffic trends inside and outside your locations and staff schedules. 

DivioTec Integration

We integrate with DivioTec which allows you to estimate foot traffic that is passing within the range of your router using technology of camera.

Improve Venue Design

Discover the most attractive areas for your customers. This in-store analytics information will help you make effective decisions about your product placements & positioning of shelves & decorations.

Marketing Effectiveness

Improve marketing effectiveness and profit margins by analyzing the success of your events, campaign and different media channels used in different areas.


Retail stores are dynamic environments that need careful observation to stay up to date with ever-changing customer actions. Omaya Retail Edition relies on a single access point device that can utilize Wi-Fi sensors to detect crowds within its range. By using our cloud-based solution, this technology can be used to analyze the demographic profiles of your shopping audience, converted & returning customers. 

Our customer tracking solutions are scalable to meet the needs of any size business, whether you are an individual site or need to manage multiple locations from headquarters. The Omaya Workspace edition builds on top of Retail edition by adapting multiple access points to form a triangulation zone within a venue to enhance its detection capabilities. This method offers a more accurate data representation when tracking customer crossing paths between other zones. 

Omaya Vision is an entirely separate tech than other edition counterparts by utilizing visual recording and facial/body recognition capabilities when paired with video camera devices. The cameras are typically placed above the area where you want to count the people that enter. This edition performs crowd analysis via movement tracking to detect customers to accurately pinpoint areas critical to high engagement. 

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