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Omaya Workspace

Use occupancy data to reduce wasted time, release unoccupied rooms, asset tracking, and otherwise improve employee experience.


A smarter workspace starts with people

Note each time personal or asset enter or exit a space.

  • Create timeline.

  • Highlight bottleneck.

  • Inform key personal on personal or asset location in real-time.


Check-in or check-out


Managing Stock

Map which asset  located in given time.

  • Count asset moving thru station

  • Keep running stock of crucial asset.


Monitor, Analytics & Analyse

Record movement for analytics and automation.

  • Generate data

  • Automatic trigger and alerts.

How does Omaya Workspace works

Omaya Workspace utilize primary BLE technology to scan BLE tag that is attach to personal or asset.

Wireless sensors mount onto the equipment continuously stream location data to Omaya Workspace.

Omaya workspace works.png

Personal Card Tags.

Personal Card  tag is a button-equipped, IP65-compliant tag for people. Give the badge to your employees, staff members, or visitors to track their location and movement and enable them to notify you on panic situation or other predefined events. And its RFID compatible





IP65 - Water Resistent


Registar tag.png
Asset tag.png

Asset Tags.

Track assets with robust tag with replaceable battery, assign function on event on press of button. Small yet powerful!






Lanyard Tags.

Turning any standard ID card into a smarter one.

The lanyard tag enable contract tracing,people visibility and safety enhanced indoor locations.


Shock Resistance


Register tag.png
Wristband tag.png

Wristband Tags.

Activate alarms if an employee or visitor enters a restricted area or leaves a specific location. Wristband Tag enables you to locate anyone in real time and to analyse their movements over time.


Tamper / Waterproof



The Features

Asset management.png

Asset management let you add key asset into the platform. With asset management you can track if asset is in one space for too long for logistic or track asset is moved to another space.

Asset Management

Omaya workspace_assetmanagement copy.png

Employee management let you manage all your employees and their tag, you can add more biodata detail into the employee such as date of birth and more. You can define the employee grouping as well as work shift for security control for example send alert to security team if employee come to work on non working days.

Employee Management

Alert management.png

Alert management proactively governor your workspace for any issue arise. Alert management support automation to push and trigger data to 3rd party software solutions such as CMS or others.

Alert Management

Secure zone copy.png

Set up space with access control, when employee enter space that they should not have access , an alarm will be triggered for 24/7 security management. You can also set the zone to detect sudden change in temperature in the space for fire detection or ambient air control failure.

Secure Zone

Contact tracing copy.png

All visitor registration data within Omaya are  specific privacy compliant and all data are kept in encrypted.  As all movement data are recorded, this will help country governmental organisation in contact tracing as it provide a movement path on all the possible contact the visitor with employee within the organisation.

Contact Tracing

Industries Application

hospital (2).png


Smart Building

Office spaces




Shopping mall/Shop

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