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What's New & Coming Soon

Streamline your daily operations with the latest innovations from Kiwire.

At Kiwire, we are constantly striving to enhance our software to meet the evolving needs of our users. Here's a sneak peek at some of the exciting new features and updates we're working on:



Enhanced User Experience (UX)

Improved Dashboard Interface:

We've revamped the Kiwire dashboard to provide a more intuitive and streamlined user experience. Navigate through your data effortlessly with our updated interface.

Global View on User Information:

Gain comprehensive insights into user information with our new global view feature. Easily access and manage user data from a centralized location.

Advanced Reporting:

Unlock deeper insights and make data-driven decisions with our enhanced reporting capabilities. Dive into detailed analytics to optimize your operations effectively.

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Mobile App

For Cloud Subscribers:

The admin soon can access Kiwire on-the-go with our new mobile app, designed specifically for cloud subscribers. Stay connected and manage your operations from anywhere, anytime.

Initial Version for Simple Admin and Reporting:

Our mobile app's initial release focuses on providing essential administrative functions and reporting features, ensuring you have key functionalities at your fingertips.

Continuous Updates:

Expect more features and functionalities to be added with each version upgrade, ensuring that your mobile experience with Kiwire remains cutting-edge and comprehensive.



WhatsApp & Inbox Integration

Global Messaging Inbox:

Seamlessly manage all your communications with our integrated messaging inbox. Stay organized and responsive with centralized communication channels.

WhatsApp Broadcast:

Reach out to your audience effectively with our WhatsApp broadcast feature. Engage with your customers efficiently through one of the most popular messaging platforms.

View API Usage:

Monitor and track your API usage effortlessly with our integrated analytics. Gain insights into how your API is utilized to optimize performance and resource allocation.

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