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Wi-Fi Marketing

Passively create user insights with your guest Wi-Fi. Then use WiFi marketing automation to increase user frequency, save at-risk user, and build online reviews

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What is Wi-Fi Marketing

Wi-Fi marketing is a relatively new marketing strategy for brick-and-mortar businesses. It uses the guest Wi-Fi access point at your place of business. It anonymously monitors the behavior of customers who visit your store – even if they don’t login to your WiFi.

How Wi-Fi Marketing works?

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Most social Wi-Fi providers use their own proprietary hardware which means the entire wireless network infrastructure needs to be partially or completely rebuilt. Kiwire is an entirely cloud-based solution and works with any access point provider. 

As a result, Kiwire's Wi-Fi marketing automation platform provides the tools to get discovered by new customers. You can gain customer insights to personalize your customer’s experience at scale. Marketing automation keeps your customers coming back. You can receive resources to be your customers’ champion.

How Businesses Can Benefit from Guest Wi-Fi Marketing

Food & Beverages

Attract new customer &

retain your regulars

Retail/Shopping Mall

Behaviourally re-target your

in-store shopper


Offer returning guests access to a faster network as a reward for their loyalty

Medical Centre

Analyze and predict curb to

gate passenger flow


Increased student engagement

and interaction

Smart Cities

Build stronger relationships with visitors

by developing strategies

Event Venues

Gather feedback from visitors to your venue during their visit or after they exit


Passenger flow analytics and marketing for transportation industry.

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