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Industries: Event Venues

WiFi marketing for event venues will increase revenue and delight your visitors

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Understand and Delight your Visitors

Collect attendee contact information and engage guests on social media

Know their demographics, such as age, gender and interests in relation to their behaviour. 

Gather feedback from visitors to your venue during their visit or after they exit. Know what they like and pinpoint concerns for improvement.

Run powerful and targeted advertising campaigns to increase the number of Likes on a Facebook page and enhance social reach.

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Remarketing Email & Ads


Feedback Request after Visit

Customized your own Login Flow 

For event venue or exhibition center , Kiwire let your guest login securely using voucher and register their details to free wifi login. 

Offer 1 click login for the most simplest login method for user, while still provide tracking capability

Integrate your own social login apps, SMS opt-in, email, custom forms and more.

Offer a social-paid guest WiFi solution and generate more revenue.

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