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Release Notes


December 02, 2022

QR Codes to connect to Wi-Fi SSID

You can help streamline the connection process for your guests by putting up a QR code that will automatically connect them to your business wi-fi SSID and open up the captive portal, allowing them to connect to the WiFi as easily as possible.

Release - QR Codes

Learn how to enable QR Code login as authoriser or guest. Click button at the below;

Watch this video to see how does it works


November 25, 2022

Change log Kiwire version 3.2.3

Change Log 3.2.3

1. Remember me login

  • Admin can use remember me function if the session login is kick by server once reach time limit.

2. Project Mapping

  • Administrator able to group zone by project mapping.

  • Assign the Admin Role to access reporting by specific Zone/Project Mapping.

3. Reporting by zone/project mapping

  • Admin able to filter report by pr oject/zone mapping at reporting module.

4. Clear cache from page designer

  • Administrator able to clear cache from page designer. No need go back at portal.

5. Account (voucher) Bulk edit

  • Administrator able to bulk edit the voucher account

6. Export Account (voucher)

  • Administrator able to export the voucher account.

7. QR Code Scanner

  • Admin able to register/allow/verify user using QR Code Scanner

8. QR Code Login

  • User can login using QR Code generated once connect ssid.

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