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Release Notes


September 11, 2023

Kiwire is a powerful platform that enables businesses to provide seamless guest Wi-Fi or network access to their customers. With its customizable splash portal, advanced proximity marketing, targeted advertising, and robust analytics applications, Kiwire delivers an engaging Wi-Fi and network experience. 

Autologin and Remember Me feature update

Autologin and remember me feature update

The use of random MAC addresses in Wi-Fi networks enhances user privacy but can create challenges for network management, security, parental controls, location-based services, and compatibility with older equipment. It can make it harder to identify and manage devices on the network and may disrupt certain network policies and services . All this make user not able to fully utilize the autologin or remember me function.

The latest Kiwire update have a new feature that is able to resolve the issue. By using our proprietary technology we are able to fingerprint the user device to create an unique identifier based on mix of user  device operating system, device type, cpu type and computing power. This provide a strong likelihood of unique id to the user devices. With the fingerprint technology we are able to identity the user login and provide a seamless auto-login as well as remember solution in event the user device mac address changed automatically.

Fingerprint_New Feature-min.gif

This will help our hotspot operator cut down support and provide a seamless user login experience.


This feature is already roll out to our Kiwire Cloud customer worldwide.


March 03, 2023

  • [PORTAL] Integration Whatsapp

    • Admin can create instance and config whatsapp integration module

    • Admin able to create Landing Page for whatsapp in Login Engine module

  • [USER] Whatsapp Login

    • User able to connect internet using whatsapp login

Change log Kiwire (Beta Version)

New Release (Whatsapp)

1. [PORTAL] Web notification

  • Admin can use remember me function if the session login is kick by server once reach time limit.

2. [PORTAL] Sponsor Sign Up

  • Admin able to enable web notification for sign up user request.

  • Admin able receive web notification and verify the user.

3. [PORTAL] Account -> Profile module - Count total user

  • Admin able to view total user assign/use for each profile.

  • This count is base on cache. Please 'clear cache' if want get latest total user

4. [PORTAL] List of Active session for all tenant

  • Applicable only for multitenant

  • Admin able to view list of active session from all allowed tenant in Cloud -> Active Session module.

5. [PORTAL] List of Device for all tenant

  • Applicable only for multitenant

  • Admin able to view list of device from all allowed tenant in Cloud -> Device module.

6. [PORTAL] Account -> User Module

  • Admin able to **filter user with a full name **

  • Admin able to filter user by select profile listed

7. [PORTAL] [USER] Controller UBNT integration

  • Kiwire able to login with UBNT controller

8. BACKEND Kiwire Service Respond : Authentication

  • Kiwire will respond a proper message if service is down.

  • e.g"ERROR: There are no respond from Service. Please contact administrator"

9. BACKEND New Microservice structure for RADIUS communication

  • ** implement a new microservice structure** for handle Authorization, Authenctication and Accounting process to become more smooth.

  • To overcome Radius communication error on cloud version and multitenant that have higher concurrent user.

Release - QR Codes


December 02, 2022

QR Codes to connect to Wi-Fi SSID

You can help streamline the connection process for your guests by putting up a QR code that will automatically connect them to your business wi-fi SSID and open up the captive portal, allowing them to connect to the WiFi as easily as possible.


Learn how to enable QR Code login as authoriser or guest. Click button at the below;

Watch this video to see how does it works


November 25, 2022

Change log Kiwire version 3.2.3

Change Log 3.2.3

1. Remember me login

  • Admin can use remember me function if the session login is kick by server once reach time limit.

2. Project Mapping

  • Administrator able to group zone by project mapping.

  • Assign the Admin Role to access reporting by specific Zone/Project Mapping.

3. Reporting by zone/project mapping

  • Admin able to filter report by pr oject/zone mapping at reporting module.

4. Clear cache from page designer

  • Administrator able to clear cache from page designer. No need go back at portal.

5. Account (voucher) Bulk edit

  • Administrator able to bulk edit the voucher account

6. Export Account (voucher)

  • Administrator able to export the voucher account.

7. QR Code Scanner

  • Admin able to register/allow/verify user using QR Code Scanner

8. QR Code Login

  • User can login using QR Code generated once connect ssid.

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