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Release Notes


September 20, 2023

Change Log Kiwire version 3.5

This update provides important bug fixes and security updates, and fixes an issue for all Kiwire 3.0 users.

1. [USER] UBNT post login

  • User is not redirect to anywhere after successfull login if no post login set.

  • Note:- default is redirect to

2. [BACKEND] [USER] not able to connect with social login

  • User is stuck at white page and not redirect to anywhere..

3. [BACK-END] [USER] Wrong Count attemp login using finggerprint

  • Total attempt login for finggerprint is not incremental.

4. [BACK-END] [USER] Landing page error when using Ruijie

  • User not able to get a correct landing page due by cache error at init processing.

5. [BACK-END] Cache data not clear and increase memory usage

  • Cache data is not clear after reporting process complete. This cause the high memory usage.

6. [BACK-END] PMS Fias filter incoming data

  • User not able to checkin when user have sepcial character name.

7. [BACK-END] Kiwire replication not running

  • Kiwire not able to complete replication data to other server.

8. [BACK-END] Scheduler Account policy Error

  • Kiwire reset all user for account policy reset.

Fixed - Change log 3.2.3


March 02, 2023

Change Log Kiwire version 3.2.4

Kiwire version 3.2.4 brings new features, fixed and improved for performance, productivity, and security.

1. [PORTAL] Input field become empty after search

  • Fix bug where user need to enter again the input field after search

2. [PORTAL] Error Report filter by project:all

  • Misleading data pull when filter by project all

3. [PORTAL] Error Report : sum of total quota

  • Misleading data pull login record for column quota.

4. [PORTAL] Account -> User module msad field

  • Admin unable to update integration type: msad


  • LDAP function error due by** deprecated function in PHP**8


November 25, 2022

Change Log Kiwire version 3.2.3

Kiwire version 3.2.3 brings new features, fixed and improved for performance, productivity, and security.

1. Error when Add new device [Portal]

  • User cant add new device. Prompt error "start time and stop time cannot be null"

2. Error create/update for device type "wifidog" [Portal]

  • The seamless_type field was not update once create or update.

3. Wrong tenant_id for stale-session [User]

  • Kiwire scheduler get a wrong tenant to execute stale-session process.

4. Wrong Alert message once user success do an action [User]

  • Alert Message return an error even the process is success.

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