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Release Notes


September 20, 2023

Change Log Kiwire version 3.5

This update provides important bug fixes and security updates, and fixes an issue for all Kiwire 3.0 users

1. [PORTAL] Role cache clear

  • Admin now no need to relogin to get new role setting. Admin can just click clear cache at navbar account logo or at Help & Tools -> System quick and fix -> Clear cache.

2. [PORTAL] Download all at reporting insight

  • Admin now able to download all at Module

    • Report -> Insight -> Registration Data

    • Report -> Insight -> Social Network Data

3. [PORTAL] Enhance Policy Config for Kick User on simultaneous

  • Admin now have option to kick user different method such as:-

    • All connected user

    • 1st connected user

    • Last connected user

    • Random user

    • Low usage user

    • High usage user

Kiwire 3.5 - Improved

4. [PORTAL] Change format Integration SMS

  • Admin now able to custom body format field.

5. [PORTAL] Media extension

  • Admin now can upload media type strict to jpg, png, jpeg, pdf and mp4 only

6. [PORTAL] [USER] Expiry for browser fingerprint auto-login

  • Admin now able to choose either reset expiry every login or not at Policy-> Configuration -> Autologin (tab) Module

7. [USER] [BACKEND] License Expired flow

  • User now will not able to get landing page if licese is expired.

8. [BACKEND] Enhance Kiwire Scheduler

  • Kiwire now use new structure for Scheduler to handle large data processing at cloud.

9. [BACKEND] Account prefix for social login.

  • Account prefix for user now will mapping to socialgateway service.

10. [BACKEND] Handle Aruba controller login

  • Change data structure for Aruba login since it send a different parameter.


March 01, 2023

Change Log Kiwire version 3.2.4

Kiwire version 3.2.4 brings new features, fixed and improved for performance, productivity, and security.

1. [PORTAL] Remove Report -> Controller Module

  • Remove Report controller module due by unsupported function for on premise.

  • will come out new version for Report Controller

2. [BACKEND] New Kiwire Campaign Service

  • Implement new campaign service for post login.

  • e.g User will get a notification like email after success login


  • Enhance kiwire service to handle request more smooth.


November 25, 2022

Change Log Kiwire version 3.2.3

Kiwire version 3.2.3 brings new features, fixed and improved for performance, productivity, and security.

1. Minify resourses [Portal]

  • System assets was minified to enhance UI performance

2. Kiwire Scheduler [Back End]

  • Change the logic kiwire scheduler to prevent error when processing a large data

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