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Case Study: Wi-Fi Solution for Kidzania Kuala Lumpur

Kidzania Improves Mobile Experience and Insight into Customer Movements and Behaviors


KidZania Kuala Lumpur is an award-winning indoor family themed learning centre that offers interactive learning and role play experiences for kids since 2012. KidZania is an indoor family education and entertainment centre, which offers an interactive learning and entertainment experience targeted at kids aged 4 to 14 years.

Kidzania offers guest Wi-Fi to improve visitor experience, allowing visitors to stay connected to everything the park has. Leveraging guest Wi-Fi, Kidzania provides visitors with useful information, promote park rides and shows, and offers discounts to theme park retail stores. They can also optimize their operations and promote their marketing through social media. Challenge

Today many theme parks base their wait times on judgement of each attraction´s visitors, their feel for the location of the queues, and perceived current throughput of the ride. This information is often both inaccurate and inconsistent, which leads to dissatisfied guests. In addition, unpredictable events, such as down-times and variable load ratios between regular and express lanes increase the difficulty of manually maintaining queue times.

Owing to the size of the park and the structure of the buildings, the existing wireless network provided very limited coverage. In meantime, a local system integrator replaced the network using Kiwire Solution to provide 100% indoor and outdoor coverage. The customers can now access the internet with their Wi-Fi enabled devices anytime, anywhere.

Due to the park’s outdoor environment, location of the displays, safety concerns, and noise pollution concerns, the park had very specific requirements for its signage that had to be addressed in the solution. Solution

The Kiwire cloud-based network management platform allows the network operator to monetize their services such as advertising, promotion etc. The management also used Kiwire to control client access, bandwidth and data allowances.

Kidzania passively grew their customer marketing database through the implementation of Kiwire software. A custom branded splash page was implemented with a form and social network login.

This allowed Kidzania to build a database consistening of customers names, emails, age, gender and social interests.

The morale of the visitors have increased greatly by their ability to maintain communications with family and friends outside the park. Kidzania present a very specific challenge in terms of connectivity. By their nature, theme parks are usually in remote locations, with poor mobile signals and internet connectivity. Result

With the new wireless network available everywhere in the park, the management and visitors are happy with the performance of Kiwire. The morale of staff management and customers has greatly increased as they can maintain communication with their family and friends while they are staying in the park.

Both network operator and park owner are satisfied with the new network as they can easily manage the network and generate recurring income through Kiwire. Kidzania was able to offer seamless Wi-Fi access for customers with its comprehensive wireless network systems and services.


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