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Case Study: Wi-Fi Solution for Singapore EXPO 2016

Singapore EXPO Introduces Complimentary, High-Speed Wi-Fi System for Faster, Seamless Connectivity


Singapore EXPO is a leading venue in Asia and the largest purpose-built MICE facility in Singapore. Its convention wing, MAX Atria, holder of the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark Platinum Standard for sustainable green design, construction and operations practices, opened in 2012. With a total of 123,000 sq metres of indoor and outdoor space, Singapore EXPO can be easily configured to accommodate exhibitions, conferences, meetings, gala dinners and consumer shows.

The Singapore EXPO is equipped with a fibre optics backbone, wireless WIFI facilities and 3.5G mobile coverage to help you connect seamlessly throughout your event.


To provide an optimal outcome for the Singapore EXPO and its Event Center, it was imperative that the transition from the existing Wi-Fi network to a new secure public Wi-Fi system integration be seamless, without disruption or outages, for all stakeholders while providing improved bandwidth and coverage in all areas.

Our goal was to support 10,000+ simultaneous user connections, and Synchroweb engineering team, needed to design and configure access points, controller, and a minimum of 12 hardwired ports available on the network.


Singapore EXPO is now able to offer seamless connectivity to more than 15,000 concurrently active devices, the highest in Asia – to all 10 exhibition halls at Singapore EXPO and 32 meeting rooms at MAX Atria.

The infrastructure upgrade includes two high-speed fibre broadband connections for redundancy and the most advanced wireless access points, both designed for optimal performance due to continuous operation; and workload generated from concurrently active devices.

The complimentary Wi-Fi service is suitable for webmail, social media and normal internet browsing. Event organisers who require higher bandwidth over 2 Mbps have the option to increase the bandwidth according to their requirements. Result

The Singapore EXPO offers a secure public Wi-Fi network capable of supporting thousands of simultaneous user connections to be enjoyed by exhibitors, visitors at the Event Center. The Free WiFi for internet access is available at Foyers 1, 2 and the Atrium of Singapore EXPO. Coin-operated internet kiosks are available at Foyer 1 (level 2), and Foyer 2.

From now until 31 March 2016, all new business event bookings confirmed at Singapore EXPO and MAX Atria will be extended a complimentary, customised landing page for the event, along with an increased bandwidth of up to 10 Mbps.

As a result, Singapore EXPO can now offer event organisers, exhibitors and delegates highly flexible and customisable Wi-Fi access and not just limited to basic Wi-Fi services normally provided by some venues.


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