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Case Study: Wi-Fi Solution for MEASAT, Malaysia

Kiwire Helps Create Wi-Fi Opportunities for Rural Areas


This Case Study features our collaboration effort together with ConnectMe and Measat to empower rural areas with Wi-Fi access.


Quite often, it is a difficult feat to provide internet to rural areas and provide internet using the normal way due to cable reach limitations. Due to this issue, farming zones and villages outside the city live on limited forms of communication.


Using Measat satellite technology coupled with Kiwire captive portal solution, we are able to effectively provide Wi-Fi services and along with setting up prepaid hotspots for MEASAT supported zones.


With customizable splash portal, powerful proximity marketing, advertising, and analytic applications, Measat will be able to provide an engaging Wi-Fi and network experience for all users that have signed up via Kiwire’s login page.


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