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Case Study: Wi-Fi Solution for Paradigm Mall, Johor Bahru

Kiwire Creates Modern and Secure Wi-Fi Network for Shoppers in Paradigm Mall


Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru, the largest regional mall in Johor located at the heart of the Skudai district. Spanning over 1.3 million square feet and seven floors, Paradigm Mall Johor is a retail haven with over 500 outlets offering the best entertainment, fashion and delicacies. 

Paradigm Mall wanted to explore the use of technology in creating new possibilities for retail, immersing visitors in an unforgettable shopping experience. As the biggest mall in South Malaysia to use a carrier-grade platform for its public Wi-Fi service, Paradigm Mall has boundless opportunities for exploring innovation in this unique retail space.


Each customer accessing the Wi-Fi gives consent to access the information captured during the log on process which is securely stored within their own portal.  All data is collected and stored in line with all legislation and best practice.

To enjoy the new service, customers simply select the Wi-Fi network or will be automatically prompted to log on either by a traditional short form or their chosen social media account. Guest Wi-Fi doesn’t just give visitors access to their social media, it connects them directly to the Paradigm so they can receive special others and other useful information on the brands being sold through the mall shops.

It was important for the design of the User Experience Portal to be on brand and be similar over both of the malls for continuity. This allows Paradigm to appeal to the relevant interested customers with targeted marketing and understand its customers better and ultimately improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Any successful retail outlet has easy access to parking, great design and the right tenant mix. The management of Paradigm Mall wanted to go beyond this and enable new, interactive experiences for shoppers as well as retailers.

To help them achieve their vision of endless possibility, Kiwire has contributed and implemented a premier Wi-Fi solution, using a carrier-grade network to provide public Wi-Fi to shoppers.

Using our customizable splash page, while making it easier for Paradigm’s shoppers to access the Wi-Fi. When connecting to Wi-Fi, the shopper will see the content that you’ve decided to show him. Smart Wi-Fi enables building brand awareness, product education and presenting specific information to your shoppers.


The Paradigm Mall now has an easily accessible social Wi-Fi solution with seamless log on and a built-in reporting/data capture platform that’s easy to use. They wanted to be able to build on their current database with the ability to gain valuable insights in order to communicate more effectively with customers through mediums such as their current e-newsletter, promotions and offers.

Now, retailers have new tools to succeed. Retailers can reach out to shoppers on a dedicated digital signage network. Plus, there is a network of digital screens that the Trinity retailers use for promotions and events across the Paradigm Mall.


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