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Case Study: Wi-Fi Solution for KLIA 2 Terminal, Malaysia​

Mikrotik As DHCP Server, Serve IP to User and a Main Gateway For User ​

Introduction The new Malaysia Airport, Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (klia2), is built to be Malaysia's Next Generation International Airport Hub that allows seamless connectivity for both local and international low-cost & full-service carriers. It is built to cater for the explosive growth in low-cost travel industry, capable of servicing 45 million passengers a year. The klia2 is officially opened on May 2, 2014.

The world's largest purpose-built terminal dedicated for low-cost carrier. It's more spacious to accommodate more people comfortably. And it has improved facilities to ease the flow of passengers, keep you entertained while you wait for your flights and provide a seamless travelling experience for everyone. It comprises two main buildings namely the Main Terminal Building (MTB) and the Satellite Building, connected with a 300-metre Skybridge. Klia2 is designed with flexibility in mind to allow expandability for future growth trends and operational models of airlines. It robustness in nature will no doubt be able to accommodate the ever-evolving and dynamic global aviation industry. WiFi services offer by KLIA and KLIA2 come with two options -- free access and premium access. The WiFi access are available at most seating and public areas in the passenger terminals so that you can always stay connected.

With the airport free WiFi, KLIA and KLIA2 passengers can quickly catch up on their emails or share their experiences with their loved ones on social media using the FREE one-hour access

Challenge The new KLIA2 terminal is the largest LCC terminal in the region. It is 242,000 square meters in size and has 68 aircraft parking bays with a 300m long pedestrian skybridge where aircraft traffic underneath. 

However things can change rapidly. Due to a weather problem or a small technical problem many more than originally planned passengers may end up queueing at the very same control hall. A hall that normally has short queues and quickly passing passengers is transformed to a very crowded place of people that spend several minutes standing and waiting for their turn and some seconds walking through the control. 

Solution In order to support the growing traffic, the airport needed an enhancement on their communications infrastructure. The airport’s management team realized the biggest challenges of this project was the large coverage area and the network would be shared by hundreds of devices for ground services. The team approached a list of experienced WiFi products providers, and eventually, they have chosen Kiwire Wi-Fi Captive Portal solution to provide the network.

The deployment has been completed by Synchroweb's technical experts in a quick and professional manner. With the patented smart routers technology. Equipped with Mikrotik CCR1009-7G-1C-1S+ as a DHCP Server to serve IP to user and a main gateway for airport user.

Results The operational efficiency of the airport’s ground service has been highly improved. KLIA airport is totally amazed by performance of Kiwire Captive Portal Solution, as well as the quick deployment and cost-effectiveness.

With a highly improved network, the Synchroweb will continue to bring better services to its customers & our end users. Currently the Synchroweb is having discussions with WCT to deploy more devices in their other facilities.


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