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Case Study: People Counting Solution for Kuantan City Mall

Kuantan City Mall to Success with Traffic System People Counting Solutions with Diviotec Software

Introduction Kuantan City Mall is a brand new shopping centre strategically located in the new commercial hub of Kuantan, comprising all the shopping, dining, play and entertainment experience that you can spend quality time with family. Kuantan City Mall is a 7 storey huge shopping centre with 1,300 car parking lots, ample for those who prefer to drive to this fun-filled mall, and approximately 200 retail shops with 468,000 square feet rentable area.

With a footfall of several million people each year, Kuantan City Mall is one of the largest shopping centres in East Cost Malaysia. The centre wanted to acquire accurate data on visitor numbers and demographics, as well as offer shopping opportunities in a safe and secure environment.

Challenge To measure growth in more than 200 locations, Kuantan City Mall sought a solution to track and understand it's visitor traffic. Additionally, the mall also hoped to quantify the effectivity of strategic shifts on the conversion rate. Lastly, to evaluate performance, Kuantan City Mall required granular insights to be referenced with sales data to better understand their walk-in customer.

The ultimate goal was to increase customer satisfaction and shift walk-in visitors into recurring purchasers. To ascertain this, Kuantan City Mall required a solution that can also evaluate customer behaviour and intent.

In retail, average conversion rates differ across sectors, locations and high-end versus value brands. Rates also varied considerably across the Kuantan City Mall network. Due to their diverse locations, some in high density tourist areas and others in business and financial districts peak traffic flows and conversion rates were not consistent.

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