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Case Study: People Counting Solution for ETC Highway, Vietnam

LPR To Combat Lost Tolling Revenues


This case study aims to share and feature the unique solution of using DivioTec installation on highway ETC (electronic toll collection) in Vietnam.


Capturing imagery travelling at high speeds that can recognize, track and compile lists of passing vehicles.


Mounted on high gantry collects valuable road traffic data on open highway road in Vietnam. DivioTec solution helps traffic authorities and highway management organizations to monitor traffic, optimize traffic control, collect road toll and generally streamline transportation. It can deal with free-flow high speed as well as stop-and-go traffic situations, recording each vehicle that drives through the gate so that no vehicle remains undetected.

The Radio-frequency identification (RFID) system collects and read the registered tag. But there are some tags might be damaged, uninstalling or any other issue to fail the collection and therefore let the collectors lost revenue. With the installation of LPR, once the RFID system missed reading, the ANPR recognition becomes important proof. The two systems is achieving high percentage of reading and collect the passing vehicle.


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