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Synchroweb May 19 , 2022

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Check Out the Latest Ubiquiti Networks Insider Update

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Ubiquiti Store News

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A plug-and-play UAP OS Console with a WiFi 6 router, Gigabit PoE switch, and 128 GB of built-in storage to support your deployment right out of the box.

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Newly Launched

Switch Mission Critical

Switch mission.png

A highly resilient PoE switch with an uninterruptible power supply that keeps your console, ISP modem, and security devices running during outages.


Ubiquiti News

Network 7.1 is Now Live

The latest update enhances the functionality and navigability our flagship application by introducing:


Zero-configuration Teleport VPN


Improved Searching

Multi-port Editing


Localized Console Setup

All UAP OS Consoles can now be set up without a UI SSO account or an internet connection - giving you even more networking flexibility.

New Feature Coming Soon

UNVR Staking



UBNT Connect


Our newest UAP OS application is a robust enterprise-of-things suite that simplifies organizational IT management.

Price increase notice

Due to changes to the landed surcharge rates applied, there is a slight price increase for the all the UBNT products. New prices are effective for all new orders, that are confirmed on June 01, 2022 or later.

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