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Kiwire Editions Packages

Kiwire Lite

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Kiwire Lite

If you’re a retailer on the fast track for growth, Kiwire Lite Wi-Fi solutions can play a greater role in your success. We ensure customers stay happily connected when visiting your locations. We help you promote your brand and engage with customers. And we give you valuable insights about customer behavior—including how they use your Wi-Fi resources—to inform marketing and IT planning.

Captive Portal

Customizable splash page 

Social networks authentication

Control wifi plan with bandwidth management

Provide informative dashboard

Custom access journeys

Login Journey Methods:

- Email marketing

Support & Analytics

Understand your visitor demographics including age, gender, location, interests etc.

Analyze and segment data including, preferred browsers and operating systems, top visitor locations, new vs. repeat visitors, footfall, dwell, data usage and much more.

Export all your data in CSV, PDF or trigger via instant JSON webhooks.

Technical support and monitoring 9-5

Marketing Campaign

Support smart banner to promote apps will let you to promote your iOS or Android apps when you connect to network

Send web push notification to users, it is possible to re-engage with them even after leaving your website

Wireless Solutions Designed with Small & Medium Businesses in Mind

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Food & Beverages

Small Companies

Office spaces



Shopping mall/Shop

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