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Case Study: WMaritime Parc Relies on Ubiquiti Networks™ airFiber® to Deliver Reliable, High-Performa

airFiber Delivers Bandwidth to Restaurant and Event Center

Introduction Founded in 2010, Maritime Parc is a fine dining destination located in Liberty State Park, New Jersey. With skyline views of Manhattan, Maritime Parc is comprised of a restaurant and private facility for social events, such as weddings, and corporate events hosted by a wide variety of clients, including Unilever, Jaguar, McKinsey & Company, Atlantic Records, Virgin Records, and Sony. Because of its location in a state park overlooking Liberty Landing Marina, Maritime Parc is beyond the reach of the local wired service provider. With its previous service provider, voice calls experienced feedback and echoes – or were dropped – so it was sometimes difficult for customers to communicate with Maritime Parc staff. The intermittent service also hampered the efficiency of Maritime Parc’s operations; credit card transactions were disrupted at times, causing delays for customers and staff.

Maritime Parc relies on Ubiquiti Networks™ airFiber® to deliver reliable, high-performance voice and data services. For large-scale events requiring extra-high capacity bandwidth, Maritime Parc obtains added bandwidth via airFiber on an as-needed basis. airFiber provides bandwidth to support Wi-Fi coverage and event requirements, such as live streaming and videoconference calls.

INNOVATIVE AIRFIBER TECHNOLOGY To provide bandwidth for Maritime Parc’s services, MST chose Ubiquiti Networks airFiber radios. The Ubiquiti Research & Development Team designed airFiber to create a high‑performance wireless backhaul. airFiber provides excellent price‑to‑performance value and operates in the worldwide, license‑free, 24 GHz frequency, so it can be deployed quickly. Per Maritime Parc’s requirement to maintain its views and aesthetics, MST installed the airFiber radio on a pole near other mechanical equipment, away from any customer’s line of sight. Now calls are clear, and data transmissions are fast and reliable.

AIRFIBER – ENGINEERED TO SURVIVE The airFiber link to Maritime Parc was resilient during Hurricane Sandy. There were no problems with the airFiber hardware. The only time that the link went down was when the remote side lost power* for two days after the hurricane had passed. When power was restored, the airFiber link automatically resumed operation and restored services to Maritime Parc.

COMPETITIVE EDGE: TECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE One of Maritime Parc’s many selling points is its built-in technology infrastructure. Clients must consider the cost of the total package to conduct an offsite meeting. As part of the package, technology requirements are increasing as more clients use live streaming, videoconferencing, and Skype to share their events with people in remote locations. Maritime Parc effectively competes with hotels and other locales on technology capabilities and pricing. And if a specific event requires more bandwidth, Maritime Parc can arrange an increase in bandwidth on an event‑by‑event basis with MST A BANDWIDTH-HEAVY CONCERT EVENT In December 2012, Maritime Parc set the stage for a private concert hosted by Sony UK and featuring One Direction (British pop band), with airFiber delivering the bandwidth. Approximately 300 people, including fans who won special tickets, their accompanying adults, press, and Sony staff, attended the concert. There were multiple uses of the bandwidth at the same time: § Live streaming coverage was sent from the restaurant. § 37 press members located in countries around the world received the live streaming feed and held videoconference interviews with attendees from their respective countries. § Sony staff at Maritime Parc and Sony UK maintained constant communications over their phones, email, and Skype, sending data as needed to the UK. With airFiber delivering the needed bandwidth and MST offering cost-effective rates, the technology infrastructure significantly increases the value of Maritime Parc as an event facility.


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