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Case Study: Wi-Fi Solution for Tenera Hotel, Bangi

Kiwire Solution Empowers Tenera Hotel with Advanced Captive Portal & Guest Engagement Tools, Helps Generate More Revenues.

Introduction Tenera Hotel required a smart, intelligent and flexible guest Internet access solution that would provide complimentary guests Wi-Fi using various Social Media logins while allowing the system to collect users’ information based on locations. The hotel also needed the ability to analyze the collected data, to plan and engage the customers efficiently.

Tenera understands how their guests need to constantly have business matters and be connected at all times. When it came to connection failures, the hotel would receive complains within a few minutes, clearly exhibiting that high speed wireless Internet connection is a key requirement for their guests.

Challenge Travellers who fork out to stay at hotel nowadays expect a free Wi-Fi connection, regardless of whether they are staying for business or pleasure. The management of the Tenera Hotel were aware of this and knew they needed to start offering a connectivity solution without charges, however, they also wanted to see some sort of return from their investment. The poor Wi-Fi performance resulted in a high volume of complaints, and staff were spending too much time trying to fix the problem, taking away from their ability to provide excellent customer service.

Online guest ratings began to suffer as well, and the hotel feared that they were losing business by not providing the kind of experience that guests expected. It has become necessary for hotels to offer exceptional experience to guests during their stay. This can be achieved by providing value-added services. Making wireless internet connectivity available can be useful for hotels to derive increased guests engagements and hence greater business value.

Tenera Hotel Bangi had many factors working in its favor, an ideal location in a district close to the local sites and a reputation for exceptional service and comfort. One missing element was a network infrastructure that could provide Internet access to both hotel visitors and staff. Because both groups had distinct needs regarding bandwidth and security, they would require separate networks.

Solution Tenera Hotel needed a solution that enforces all guests to pass through an authentication process by which the hotel network is protected against any malicious threats and misuse of wireless connectivity. So, Synchroweb offered its Kiwire captive portal functionality which restricts all unauthorized users and malicious threats to network.

In addition to the basic requirements for improved Wi-Fi performance and higher capacity for more guests and devices, Tenera Hotel wanted to make it easier for guests to access the Wi-Fi. He requested Hospitality Wi-Fi’s new “Remember Me” feature that enables guests to log in once on each device and then be automatically authenticated on return visits.

Results Tenera Hotel is committed to the best possible guest wireless experience in all of its corporate owned and managed hotels. Based on the corporate hotel initiatives they needed not only a secure and reliable wireless solution but also one that offers guest seamless connectivity.

Being a customer service driven organization they had to meet the high expectations and demands for flawless wireless connectivity.  Additionally, with the explosion of online streaming media performance had to be impeccable. Guests can rest assured that when they stay at a Tenera they will be guaranteed reliable wireless coverage with the high level of performance expected at all hotels these days.

Tenera Hotel continuously strives to improve guest amenities at all locations. By improving wireless coverage and reliability they can now become creative in their service offerings and amenities. 


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