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Case Study: Wi-Fi Solution for ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2019

Kiwire to Manage Event Wi-Fi on Large Vicinity


This Case Study features our collaboration effort together with ConnectMe and Measat to empower the ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2019 conference hall and display booths with Wi-Fi access.


Event management can get quite hectic and congested as guests roam about during events, sharing juicy bits of of their moments over social media consuming heavy load of media. Organizer would require an easily deployed setup that can make sure connectivity demands runs smoothly. Solution

They are Kiwire cloud to manage and provide Free Wi-Fi services for the event. The customer data collection module is perfect for events to collect and expand your existing customer database from Wi-Fi connected devices. Gain access to useful demographic information and possible user preferences to your branding advantage.

Kiwire can also easily manage Wi-Fi usage when there is heavy amounts of users.

Devices Used

UBNT AP AC PRO & UAP AC HD, Mikrotik Routerboard.


With customizable splash portal, powerful proximity marketing, advertising, and analytic applications, the event will be able to provide an engaging Wi-Fi and network experience for all users that have signed up via Kiwire’s login page.


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