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Case Study: TNB Telecom Deploys Mimosa in Rio

Mimosa Backhaul Boosts Olympic Capacity at TNB Telecom

Introduction TNB Telecom, a leading provider of broadband connectivity throughout Brazil, has dramatically and rapidly scaled their broadband capacity with Mimosa backhaul radios. In response to the increased demand from foreign companies in Brazil for the Summer Olympics and for national teams competing at the Olympics, the company deployed Mimosa B5c connectorized radios and B5-Lite backhaul radios to fulfill the needs of high-performance and high-availability links.

Challenge In the Copacabana Beach hotel area, the overwhelming demand for connectivity for Olympic events, and from guests and companies, required TNB Telecom to quickly increase their bandwidth in the area. They selected the B5c Mimosa connectorized radio due to the specifications and price.

With only a couple of days of lab testing, the radios were deployed in an environment that had huge signal interference and floor noise. TNB Telecom is delighted with the results and is able to get 550 Mbps / 450 Mbps (simultaneous) with +/- 5 dB within perfect alignment. In addition, TNB Telecom is now accepting incoming demand requests from other providers that they were previously unable to deliver.

Solution TNB Telecom was also asked to step in and rapidly provide high-speed broadband to a visiting ship docked close to the new Tomorrow Museum and Olympic Boulevard due to poor Internet connectivity provided by one of the country’s largest providers. The ship required 250 Mbps full duplex real bandwidth delivered within two days from their initial request. Armed with some experience of the Mimosa B5c, TNB Telecom quickly performed the radio link installation and delivered exactly what was expected. “We were excited to see that our bandwidth tests on site had pings of just two milliseconds from the ship to Google, and we received feedback from the ship’s IT crew that it was the fastest Internet connectivity they had experienced,” said Felipe.

Results As a result of the number of new links requested within the downtown area, TNB Telecom also had to improve the bandwidth capacity on their Point of Presence in the mountains due to line of sight. Once again, the only solution was to deploy Mimosa B5c connectorized radios with previously installed antennas. Despite the noise in the area, TNB Telecom was able to make the links perform very well.

TNB Telecom was also approached by an international satellite company to provide a 100 Mbps full duplex connection between two of their buildings in downtown Rio due to the demand of the Olympics.

TNB Telecom partnered with their local reseller, Click Mobile, to install the backhaul radios. “Mimosa B5c challenges the previous notions on delivering high bandwidth in 5.8 GHz,” said Fabio Moreira, Head of Click Mobile, the official reseller of Mimosa in Brazil. “Even in a major metro area such as Rio de Janeiro, where multiple overlaid ISPs networks compete for spectrum, with good RF planning and the right antennas it is now possible to deploy quick and stable links for a fraction of the cost of a licensed radios. If you are looking for quick return on investment and customer satisfaction, Mimosa is the way to go!”

“Click Mobile is a tremendous partner for us,” said Felipe. “We were thrilled to discover the high-quality Mimosa backhaul products with Click Mobile’s help and learn how Mimosa could meet all of our capacity demands during the Olympics. We are very happy with the results.


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