Expanding the true value of crowd analytics

As all this is very new and emerging, many people are eager to understand how do you obtain and analyse visitor patterns using Wi-Fi. With almost a decade of experience of Wi-Fi based indoor positioning and retail store analytics, we wanted to explain as simply as possible how Wi-Fi analytics works

How Does it Work?


Retail beacons detect the presence of nearby smart devices embedded with Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth via an unique signal.


Customers smartphone picks up the signal and transmits to the Omaya™ platform.


The Omaya™ platform aggregates collected data to the app which formats the information for the customer.


Presence Analytics

Capture foot traffic data and see how well you draw in customers, how captivated they are, and how often they return.

Location Analytics

Track how customers move around your location and find out where they spend most of their time.

User Analytics

Get a breakdown of your customers by demographics – age, gender, language, and even what devices and operating systems they use.

Wi-Fi Service Analytics

Monitor guest Wi-Fi usage across all your locations. Find out the most popular times people are getting connected, and how many returning customers you have.

What Omaya™ can do for you

How many people visit your location?

  • How many people are passing by your location?
  • How many people do you attract to enter your venue?
  • How many are unique visitors?
  • How many are new and how many have been to your location before
  • How often do they return?
  • How much time do they spend in your location?

How are your customers behaving while on-site?

  • Where do they go?
  • Is there a pattern with how customers roam the location?
  • Where do they spend most of their time?
  • Where do customers need more support?
  • What areas capture the most interest?
  • How does the layout of your location impact performance?

Who are your customers?

  • What are your customers’ demographics (gender, age, language, etc.)?
  • Which type of devices do they use (smartphone, tablet, laptop)?
  • What device models do they use?
  • Which operation system do they use?
  • Which browser do they prefer?

What are your customers’ online behaviors?

  • How many customers visit your Welcome Portal?
  • How many customers use your guest Wi-Fi?
  • Which login option do they prefer?
  • How many new vs. returning Wi-Fi users are there?
  • How many sessions are there?
  • What is the average duration per session?
  • What is the average traffic per session?



Persistently detect each customer that visit your store.


Recognize hot areas, track each product to better measure your engagement.


Adapt dynamically in-store advertising, based on nearby customers’ interests.

Measure Foot Traffic

Discover real-time and historical trends by monitoring Presence Analytics through a personalized dashboard. Analytics include the number of first-time and repeat visitors, their activity and duration of their stay, at a specific time of day or on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Designed with Privacy in Mind

A number of security mechanisms are provided to eliminate uniquely identifiable elements from the data collected, such as the “hash” of MAC Address. In addition, opt-in and opt-out policies are implemented to protect customer privacy.

Get To Know Customers

Optimize staffing strategies and reduce points of friction.

What are your customers' online behavior

Optimize staffing strategies and reduce points of friction.

Improve Operations

Optimize staffing strategies and reduce points of friction.

Access Important Metrics

Easy-to-view dashboard provides comprehensive data.

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