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Synchroweb March 04 , 2022

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[New Arrival] Ubiquiti - Experience True Multi-Gigabit Speeds with U7 Pro


An Ocean of 6 GHz Spectrum

The 6 GHz band triples the total amount of available WiFi spectrum.

6 GHz Spectrum.png

A New Frontier for WiFi Speeds

WiFi 7 doubles the maximum channel width to 320 MHz, allowing a single channel to fully saturate a 2.5 GbE connection with just two spatial streams.

Wifi speeds.png

Wireless Resiliency Like Never Before

With Multi-Link Operation (MLO), WiFi 7 APs and clients can create a single super channel for massive bandwidth and impressive low-latency performance. 

Wireless Resiliency.png

Intelligent Interference Management

WiFi 7's puncturing feature allows non-continuous channel operation for ultimate high availability.

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