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Synchroweb October 14, 2021



HITA ID As A Professional Organization In The Field Of Information And Communication Technology Hotel With A International Standard

The hotel business situation is currently stalled due to the pandemic. Therefore, the role of IT experts, hotels and restaurants is needed to increase engagement in the hospitality sector. One of them is HITA ID or Hotel Information and Technology Association Indonesia which will hold the 2021 National Information Technology Conference.


Synchroweb's partner in Indonesia, Solusi Jaringan Integrasi take this opportunity to participated in this event to introduce Kiwire Wi-Fi Captive Portal solution which is we are targeted on hospitality business to delight your guests and create repeat customers.

In addition, with Guest Network Wi-Fi services from Kiwire you are going to get the fast, reliable and secure WiFi solution that will impress your guests and keep them coming back.


This annual agenda discusses technological developments during the pandemic, especially in the hospitality industry. The conference brought together a group of IT experts from all over Indonesia in the field of hospitality and tourism.

As the Chairman HITA ID Mr Andy Aries spoke in this event, next conference would be on year 2023.

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