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Synchroweb September 30, 2022

MikroTik Newsletter #September2022

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Newsletter sept 2022.png

hAP ax³

Our top-of-the-line AX home access point with 2.5G Ethernet and USB 3.0. With all the processing power and speed a regular household might ever need.

ATL LTE18 kit

An advanced technology level (ATL) LTE solution with wide range MIMO 4x4 antennas for fast and stable connectivity in rural and urban areas. Squeeze the most out of LTE base stations!


FiberBox Plus

Ultimate value pick for 10 Gigabit outdoor networking. High masts, poles, or towers – your connection will be safe! A powerful budget version of the netFiber 9.

Product availability updates


As we are continuously updating and renewing our product range, some models are unavailable for ordering anymore. Please refer to the table below for a list of models and suggested replacements.

Product availability.jpeg

LHG XL 5 ac availability and price updates


Our 5 GHz long-range CPE LHG XL 5 ac is now available for shipping from Latvia warehouse. There is also good news - units are packed in 4-packs (product code RBLHGG-5acD-XL4pack, four antennas in a single retail box) for less space.

Order processing time


Thanks to better availability of several critical components we are catching up with our production plan. Supply of products from factories is improving - we expect to clear the backlog of majority of delayed products in coming months. 

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