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Intelligent Body Temperature Detection & Analysis System



The Ming Ji AI-enabled temperature screening solution reduces transmission risk, enhances personal safety and improves efficiency and passenger traffic in public places. Using an optimized detection model, the system can take the temperature of several people per second, with an accuracy level of ±0.3oC (0.5℉). Individuals do not need to remove their masks for temperature checks. The system triggers an alert when someone with high temperature passes through, indicating the individual should be screened manually or denied entry.


Temperature screening has been an effective tool in containing the spread of COVID-19, as one of the main symptoms of COVID-19 is a fever. Megvii’s AI-enabled system has proven to be safer and more efficient than hand-held thermometres as it eliminates the need for close physical contact between individuals.


The solution comes in several configurations to satisfy different needs. The Ming-Ji model is suitable for use in locations with high foot traffic such as airports, subway stations and hospital lobbies, and can measure the body temperature of up to 15 people per second. It can accurately detect human body temperature at distances greater than three metres. A more compact solution, known as “Koala”, consists of a display pad that can be installed on the wall or on a stand, together with a small processing unit. It can accurately measure the body temperature of each person within a distance of 0.3 to one metre within half a second. 


It is designed for tight access control locations with low to medium foot traffic, such as supermarkets, campuses, and residential and commercial buildings.


*Measurement accuracy up to ±0.1°C under 30-45°C measurement range (lab environment)

Intelligent Backend Software

Real time monitoring History personnel record up to 10,000 captures Gender, Age range classification Fever & Not wearing mask Alert Facial recognition embedded

AI Face Detection

Detect the best body temperature measuring area, track the forehead, eyes and ears, and reduce the temperature drift from image noise

Temperature Difference Compensation

Estimate temperature measurement distance, and compensate the temperature difference

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