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Synchroweb February 02, 2023

MikroTik Newsletter - January 2023


MikroTik product news: hAP ax lite

Gen6 wireless on a budget – tiny, fast, and strong enough to harvest the power of RouterOS v7! 4x Gigabit Ethernet ports, NAND, modern ARM CPU.

Product News

hAP ax² and hAP ax³ now support the entire 5 GHz range

Previously, the UNII frequency range required separate certification in certain regions while remaining completely unavailable in Europe. However, with our latest Wireless Gen6 802.11ax products, we've managed to secure all the necessary CE and FCC/IC certificates to offer the most comprehensive frequency range to date! UNII 1-4 support means you will always be able to find and fine-tune the perfect wireless signal for optimal speed and range. More products to follow.

hAP ax² and hAP ax³ now support the entire 5 GHz range:
UNII-1 (5150-5250MHz)
UNII-2 (5250-5350 MHz, 5470-5725 MHz)
UNII-3 (5725-5850 MHz)
UNII-4 (5850-5895 MHz)


* Please note that:
1) you need RouterOS 7.8beta2 or newer for the extended UNII support
2) all the announced 802.11ax devices support UNII-3 everywhere
3) all announced 802.11ax devices support UNII-4 in Europe (up to 5875 MHz!)

Price Change

To keep up with the global availability of parts and maintain the quality level you expect, there is a slight price increase for the products included in the attached file.New prices are effective immediately for all new orders that are confirmed on February 01, 2023.

MikroTik Tips

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