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Synchroweb May 07, 2022

Mikrotik Newsletter #May2022 

Poster A4-01-01-01.jpeg

Read the latest MikroTik updates and new arrival products.



A QSFP28 module for distances up to 2km in your CCR2216/CRS504 setups.

See datasheet



A QSFP28 to 4x SFP28 break-out cable. Allows connecting multiple 25 Gigabit devices to your CCR2216/CRS504 devices.

See datasheet



A 100 Gbps QSFP28 direct attach cable, 1m long. Enables easy direct connectivity between two 100 Gigabit devices. Fairly flexible.

See datasheet



A longer version of our 100 Gigabit QSFP28 direct attach cable. This cable is 3 meters long – the perfect length to reach all the necessary spots while keeping your server room neat and tidy.

See datasheet

Price changes

To keep up with the global availability of parts and maintain the quality level you expect, there is a slight price increase for the products included in the attached file.

New prices are effective immediately, for all new orders, that are confirmed on May 05, 2022 or later.

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