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Fever Screening System

Simple, Fast & User Friendly First Level Protection

Minimizing the Spread of Covid-19 Infections

with Fever Detection

As such, the use of infrared as an adjunctive diagnostic tool to help detect people with a potential fever may contain or limit the spread of viral diseases such as Covid-19 (coronavirus), bird and swine flu, or bacterial infections such as SARS.

The growth of international travel and economic migration require a consistent, prompt, effective and global disease prevention policy. Elevated human body temperature, or fever, is often a reliable indicator of many serious infections. Since the recent outbreak of serious flu strains such as Covid-19 (coronavirus) and the spread of severe acute respiratory

syndrome (SARS), public health authorities have been looking for a fast, easy, contactless ( non-invasive), and reliable method to detect elevated human body temperature.

When used properly, infrared screening is such a method: a vital tool in the detection of elevated body temperatures in high-risk groups such as travelers. It is being used by health authorities around the world to screen passengers entering a country via mass transportation, and has proven itself as an effective monitoring method.


Infrared thermography can help detect elevated body temperatures which may indicate the presence of a fever.


Customisable settings to set

temperature threshold to send

out alert.

Integrate with other smart solutions

such as facial recognition for

smarter access control ability.

First level fever screening

application for shopping malls,

airport, office, convention system

& more.

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