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Synchroweb July 26, 2023

First Ubiquiti User Conference 2023 in Malaysia

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The much-anticipated Ubiquiti User Conference, "Rethinking IT," held at the Avante Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, proved to be an overwhelming success, leaving attendees and organizers alike thrilled with the outcome. With an impressive turnout of over 50 participants, including esteemed partners and resellers from Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, the one-day event surpassed all expectations.

The conference kicked off with a captivating presentation by our special guest speaker Mr. Jason, a representative from Ubiquiti Singapore. His session titled "10G Eco System & New Routing Features" provided a deep dive into the latest cutting-edge products offered by Ubiquiti Networks, offering valuable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of networking technology.

Mr. Jason's presentation was met with enthusiasm and engagement from the attendees, fostering a dynamic atmosphere throughout the event. The interactive discussions and exchanges of ideas among the participants showcased the industry's thirst for innovation and advancements in connectivity.


Ubiquiti Networks, known for its commitment to pushing the boundaries of networking technology, leveraged this event as an opportunity to strengthen its ties with partners and resellers in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. The event's success reinforced Ubiquiti's position as a leader in the industry and highlighted its dedication to driving innovation for the future.

The afternoon session began with Mr. Alif, the esteemed Synchroweb Leader of Network Engineer, who took the stage to present "Product Updates & Case Studies." The presentation centered around Ubiquiti's flagship products, offering a comprehensive look at the latest advancements in wireless technology and their profound impact on the industry. Mr. Alif's expertise shone through as he delved into the technical intricacies of the products, leaving the audience with a deeper understanding of how Ubiquiti is at the forefront of innovation in the networking space.

Next on the agenda was Mr. Sunny Loi, the Sales Director of Ubiquiti, who presented on "The Advanced Captive Portal with Wi-Fi Marketing and Analytics from Kiwire." Attendees were eager to learn more about Kiwire, a single platform that empowers businesses to offer seamless guest or user Wi-Fi and network access. Mr. Loi's session shed light on the innovative solutions provided by Kiwire, which include a customizable splash portal, powerful proximity and targeted marketing, advertising, and analytics applications.


Throughout the day, attendees had the opportunity to interact with industry experts, exchange ideas, and build valuable connections with fellow professionals. The conference provided a platform for meaningful discussions that will undoubtedly lead to further advancements in IT and networking.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your presence and active participation at the Ubiquiti User Conference Event 2023, "Rethinking IT." Your unwavering support and engagement throughout the event made it an outstanding success, and we are genuinely grateful for your contributions.

Your enthusiasm and commitment to driving innovation in the networking industry were evident during the conference. The insightful discussions, thought-provoking presentations, and meaningful interactions have left a lasting impression on all of us.

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