Authenticate your users on your Wi-Fi network.
have it your way.

A captive portal is a smart way to authenticate users on your wireless network. Instead of distributing a shared password or leaving the connection available for everyone all the time, you can leave the users to do the authentication themselves when it suits them. It could be a “pay per use” authentication (you have to pay $1 for each hour of usage of the Internet connection, for example), or it could be a free connection but only after accepting “terms and conditions” or even better again: the user can access your Internet connection after accepting a post (like a check-in) on their Facebook wall or after liking your Facebook page.

Using our solutions you can support the following authentication method :


Using voucher id and generated password to login , which you can create in bulk , give it out in form of voucher slip , cards or any media you desire.


User login using social media account such as facebook , twitter , google+ , linked , weibo and other popular social account , this increase your brand awareness.


Hotelier, using our system guest can login using their check-in information.


Using our publish API, you can virtually authenticate user using any source of data as credential.


Normal account created with expiry function , suitable for long term user.


Let user login request login account via sms. this validate their phone no and provide security of identity.


Want to deploy captive portal at enterprise level? , our solutions let you authenticate user using their Microsoft Active directory account credential.

Storyboard or User Journey

What You Get

Simplifies IT Management

  • Easy for end users to connect to the Internet through any device
  • Reduces support costs with an intuitive web-based management console
  • Self Sign-up for easy on-boarding of guest or user
  • Adapt to any existing network infrastructure


Safe and Secure

  • Protects your corporate network and isolates traffic from unmanaged devices
  • Provides open Internet access to all users while maintaining control and enabling privacy
  • Legal Compliance check to ensure your network while open to public comply to respective country legal requirement
  • Manage onslaught of “Bring Your Own Device” ( BYOD) with policy and managment


Improves Productivity

  • Helps both employees and visitors get work done on their preferred companion devices
  • Employees are always connected and reachable wherever they go in the workplace


Provide insight

  • Understand Trend of user behaviour
  • Use Social Login to enable insight of your user social media*


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