Train / Metro

Stations are places where passengers have time on their hands whilst waiting for their departure and now expect to be able to access guest Wi-Fi quickly and easily. Offering Kiwire platform will help to personalize the travel experience, increase engagement and enable monetization through an uplift in purchases throughout the station.

“Reaching customers on-the-go is more important than ever before”

Especially for the travel and transportation industry. Costly international roaming fees mean that travellers are constantly on the lookout for Wi-Fi access. 

Wi-Fi Benefits

Keep People Informed
Passengers want to be able to check travel updates in real time. They also need to be able to stay in communication with the outside world, particularly if they are facing delays or redirection, or poor coverage with 3/4G.

Enable Increased Spend
Wi-Fi can make waiting times much less stressful for the passenger but also creates an engagement tool for operators, concourse retailers and restaurants to promote discounts, exclusive offers and, most importantly, to direct them to relevant landing pages to book tickets or find coupons that they can redeem while they wait.

Offline & direct engagement via social media encourages passengers to rebook directly with travel operators. The rich analytical data collected by the WiFi technology also means that stations can learn more about travel habits and adjust services accordingly.

Fair Policy Option
Assign profile to each shopper so they are not able to abuse the free wifi experience and ensure a great experience when using the wifi services.

Key Metric
Using our Omaya™ LBS platform you can measure station efficiency on how long do travelers dwell at a station or which areas traveler tend to congregate. How long does it take for a traveler to travel from Point A station to point B stations. Whats the peak hour for each station.

Lawful Intercept 
Comply to local law legislative on network user activity.

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