Online to Offline

Providing Wi-Fi services in retail is no longer an option, use Wi-Fi to your advantage to lure in online shoppers to offline brick and mortar.
Use our smart campaign engine to engage your shopper like never before.


93% of smartphone owners use them while shopping.


50% of clients feel comfortable making a large purchase in-store if Wi-Fi access is available .


Shops that has introduced free Wi-Fi has increased their sales by 2% on average.

Build Brand Awareness

Using our customizable splash page, while making it easier for your customers to access the Wi-Fi. When connecting to Wi-Fi, the shopper will see the content that you’ve decided to show him. Smart Wi-Fi enables building brand awareness, product education and presenting specific information to your clients.

Easy to Connect Wi-Fi
Kiwire™ Platform enables you to provide many ways for shopper to login to network from click to login option, sign up and login to collect information or even login using their social network account such as facebook, twitter, wechat, instagram and many more.

Promote Offers and Sales
Get your shopper connected to your Wi-Fi and have them like or follow you on Facebook and Twitter. Want to promote a sale of one of your goods? No problem, share a redeemable coupon with your shopper and have them share with their friends on Facebook. Have your shopper check in and share with friends what fun products they are buying from your store.

Monetize Your Wi-Fi
Resell your Wi-Fi login spaces with other advertisement from retailer to monetize your Wi-Fi network.

Fair Policy Option
Assign profile to each shopper so they are not able to abuse the free wifi experience and ensure a great experience when using the Wi-Fi services.

Location Aware Content
Our built in zone definition tools let you define zone within your shopping malls and offer relevant location based promotion when user login via our smart campaign engine.

Wi-Fi Analytics
Whether your business is a busy shopping mall or a department store in multiple locations, understanding how your consumers move around your store, how frequently they visit and what their spending behaviour looks like is invaluable information. This kind of analytical data enables retailers to paint an accurate picture of footfall and create an effective end to end engagement experience. We can also provide you with an API so you can link up our shopper WiFi data with your systems, enabling a real single customer view from your CRM.

Lawful Intercept
Comply to local law legislative on network user activity.

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