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Case Study: Wi-Fi Solution for PX Mart, Taiwan

PX Mart Increase Conversion Rate with Diviotec People Counting Solution


We would like to share another news which is one of the biggest supermarket in Taiwan, PX Mart uses DivioTec people counting. Challenge - Optimize Staffing Schedules And Daily Operations

With over 900 stores in Asia, PX Mart is one of the largest supermarket chain in the world. PX Mart sought a solution to track and understand it’s visitor traffic. Additionally, the supermarket also hope to quantify the effectively of strategic shift on the conversion rate. Lastly, to evaluate performance, they required granular insights to be referenced with sales data to better understand their walk-in customer. 

The ultimate goal was to increase customer satisfaction and shift walk-in visitors into recurring purchasers. To ascertain this, PX Mart required a solution that can also evaluate customer behavior and intent. Solution - Multiple Formats Web-based Report

DivioTec solution collect valuable information about conversion rates to provide your store with reliable data to base business critical decisions on. We also offer video evidence to support analysis count result and security. This solution requires no annual, monthly charge, which can reduce the total cost ownership. Furthermore, one channel draw up to 20 counting lines. User can count multiple directions and points in one channel. 

Our web-based client service offer multiple reports layout including bar chart, line chart, pie chart, and data table. Marketer can easily evaluate impact of advertising and promotions and improve staff planning and determine optimal opening hours. Result - Increased Sales Conversion Rates

The counting result helps to track sales staff efficiency, analyze promotional activities success, and determine visiting trends to optimize qty of staff needed in stores. The data can help business decisions related to marketing activities, staff work schedule and salespeople efficiency that leads to profitability increase and improvements in operational efficiency. Easy to install customer counting system with centralized reporting.


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