Revolutionary performance, UBNT point-to-point radio technology, namely called airFiber are designed to be a high-performance backhaul, the airFiber®24 delivers amazing wireless throughput of up to 1.4+ Gbps, surpassing conventional wired backhauls.

Proven Links
Robust enough to perform in the harshest RF noise environments, the UBNT airFiber series delivers superior performance with efficiency over real-world.

Low-Latency Carrier Backhaul
Designed to be a high-performance backhaul, the airFiber series can perform over multiple range requirements whatever the demand.

Gigabit backhaul made easy, The Mimosa backhaul product series is among the easiest to deploy and highest capacity unlicensed 5 GHz backhaul solution for short and mid-range link applications.

Typical backhaul solutions waste spectrum with every link installed and impacting network capacity. Unique high precision GPS Sync technology allows Mimosa B5 and B5c products to reuse the same channel network wide, and up to 4 links can auto-coordinate.

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