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Omaya Vision

Omaya Vision is an entirely separate tech than other edition counterparts by utilizing visual recording and facial/body recognition capabilities when paired with video camera devices.

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Transform in-store video into elusive insights

The cameras are typically placed above the area where you want to count the people that enter. This edition performs crowd analysis via movement tracking to detect customers to accurately pinpoint areas critical to high engagement



 Provide insight on users behavior on visit pattern , how many pass by how many enter the premises and what's the popular peak date , time for your venues.


Loyalty & Distribution

Perform analytics on user return rate to venue or outlets. Understand how many new & return users which is return user pattern when was their last visit to your locations.



Benchmark analytics provide an overview comparison among all your venues. It will display the total device and average record of total pass by, total visit & total engaged.


Dwell Analytics

Dwell time analytics provide you analysis of your venue engaged user dwell time group by time.


Unique Visit

Unique visit is your primary report of the user’s behavior within your venues, it will do comparison between pass by, visit and engaged users


Entry & Exit

The enter & exit analytics report provide bounce rate on users entry and exit for the venue.

How does it Works

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Body & Facial Recognition

Facial Scan Detection

Body Scan Detection


Data Attributes


Age Group

Unique Tag



Body & Facial Recognition

It is used to search for a face in the stream of people of any density, as well as to determine people´s gender and age. 

  • Create a database of photos of people, for example “VIP” and “blacklisted”.

  • Receive automatic notifications to your monitor, phone or e-mail of infiltration attempts perpetrated by people who do not have access rights

  • Receive information regarding gender and age of visitors in the online mode at dashboard.

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Reporting & Monitoring

The reporting platform will combine your staffing info, asset tracker, devices status, temperature, venue humidity and marketing data to provide a powerful suite of real-time reports.

Omaya reports are continuously evolving and improving. Reports include analysis of customer traffic, sales conversion, marketing performance, staff scheduling, sales performance, customer experience, real estate, windows, visual merchandising and more.

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Prevent Covid-19

Omaya Vision offers a hand in establishing an unprecedented level of control over the pandemic situation by employing facial recognition along with a number of associated technologies.


With the  cameras connected to the Omaya system detect and identify people in the place in real time allowing for immediate response, while the AI analyzes social connections.

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What is the Benefits


Identify people who represent a threat to security even in a dense stream of people


Quickly learn about a visit of VIP clients (faces from a “white” list) or, for example, an appearance of a shoplifter (faces from a “black” list) in the sales or service point


Take the necessary actions in time depending on a registered event.


Ensure the high level of security for your staff and infrastructure, improving the level of service rendered to your VIP customers.

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