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Synchroweb December 14, 2022

Check Out the Latest Ubiquiti Networks Insider Update


Ubiquiti Software

UBNT UAP Release software.png

UAP Network Version 7.3

  • VPN Advancements

  • Client Bridging

  • Expanded System Log

UAP Talk Version 1.18

  • Custom Ring Sequences

  • Intercom Functionality

  • SMS Messaging

  • Failover Redirect Number

UAP Talk version.png
ISP Design center.png

­ISP Design Center

  • Full UISP Integration

  • Visualized Link Planning

  • Profitability Calculator


EV Station

Early Access

EV Station.png

The world’s first EV charger designed for organizational use. Fully integrated with the UAP Identity mobile app, this station provides simple, single-tap charging for all employees.

Watch overview.png

Mobile Router

Early Access

mobile router.png

This compact LTE router - the first in the UAP Mobility line - instantly creates reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi networks wherever you are. Experience truly boundless connectivity.

Watch overview.png
Camera AI DSLR.png

Capture fine details in extremely bright or dim environments with the cutting-edge Camera AI DSLR. Equipped with a 10-megapixel sensor and a premium DSLR lens, our latest AI camera redefines what a security camera is capable of.

Watch overview.png

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