Making Fiber-Fast Fixed Wireless a Reality

Mimosa Networks Malaysia Official Distributor

Synchroweb is the Official Distributor certifiably recognized to provide networking solutions for Mimosa Networks products in Malaysia and Asia Pacific.

A Whole New Potential

Mimosa is a different kind of moonshot, one right on the ground that reimagines how people will get amazing internet access via wireless across the globe. To tackle a challenge of this magnitude, they’ve brought together the industry’s brightest leaders, with experience from some of the most disruptive technology companies.

Its passion is evident. With a goal of not simply connecting more people to the internet, but making internet access even better, faster, and stronger than it is today, we are driven. A great cadidate that get things done with spirit, flair, courage, instinctive intelligence, and collaboration. 


Mimosa recently received industry recognition for their hard work and is eager to share it with you. At an award ceremony which recognizes vendors for moving the needle with innovative solutions, they walked away with a staggering seven awards.

Mimosa is most proud of the “Best Support Award” as it embodies how they about customers. Their philosophy is to go above and beyond to make you happy, clearly this stands out.

The Wireless Internet Service Providers Association also presented Mimosa with “Manufacturer of the Year”, in addition to another five, yes – that’s right, five – awards for product features, throughput excellence and low cost. The B5c won four of the categories, and the B5-Lite proved its value with the lowest cost/megabit in the industry.

Know that Mimosa Networks is incredibly proud of their accomplishments and will always be fully committed to keeping up the ability to boast in the future.

“Know that we’re fully committed to keeping our ability to boast in the future… our customers and partners deserve nothing less.”
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