The Advanced Captive Portal & Wi-Fi Hotspot

Kiwire® is a professional captive portal platform purpose-built for today’s service providers. Offer Wi-Fi or network access to your guests using customizable splash portal, advertising campaigns and analytic applications with a whole new and engaging experience. All this and more features to discover below!

Latest Updates

Kiwire Build 10 Released

New features include fake account detection during registration phase.

Kiwire Build 9 Released

More support and features.

Kiwire Build 8 Released

Added more payment gateway support.

Core Features

Administrator Tools

Powerful Management
Manage & monitor your networks remotely. No software controllers required.

Drag and Drop Page Maker
Create your own pages with ease. Find multiple ways to engage target market.

Easily oversee multiple WiFi hotspot/zone, monitor status, limit users and set connection rules.

Accessibility Options

Guest Access
Offer different types of login regularly, or in different zones. Actively engage customers.

Social Login
Social login (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc). Allow guests to quick connect with just one click!

Flexible Plans
Give internet for free or pay-per use, Kiwire® supports flexible plan options for your business operation needs.

Marketing Functions

Monetize Your Network
Our solutions let you monetize your network in form of revenue for guest/user access or indirect revenue with marketing information.

Survey & Coupon
Create surveys and coupons on the fly.

Smart Campaign Engine
Promote videos and ads to customers prior to login.

User Analytics

Customer Data Collection
Collect and build your own customer database from Wi-Fi connected devices. Gain access to useful demographic information and possible user preferences to your branding advantage.

Authentication Engine
Kiwire® has a powerful and flexible integration module that lets you authenticate user identity via Microsoft Active Directory, Federate Radius, Property Management system, Social login and the API for your own in-house applications.

Obtain insight to your guest or user behaviour with our innovative report module from user login, type and brand of device used, average user usage time to how many are return user, when is the peak period and others key report for your overall network.

Advanced Features & More

Multi Tenant
The key that makes any Wi-Fi business model be possible.

High Performance
Designed & proven platform for High performance and supports ten to thousands of users concurrently.

Kiwire® is a secure platform that provides full audit log and secure operation network & Wi-Fi environment.

Vendor Agnostic
Kiwire® can work seamlessly with different Wi-Fi equipment vendors. This ensures optimal flexibility to support a new initiative or enhance a legacy Wi-Fi network. Plus, you can support any Wi-Fi network architecture with or without a controller.

E-Payment Gateway
We support the following payment gateway : •Paypal •Payfast •Alipay •Stripe •Wirecard •Senangpay •Ayden •iPay88

Microsoft/ Office 365
Enable and manage Microsoft/ Office 365 login integration.

Know Your Customers

Imagine the capability to engage your target user directly based on their behaviour and user grouping.

Customer Info

Build up your own customer database with our Kiwire captive portal solution.

Customer Preferences

Get to know your customers, obtain statistical insights on their hobbies and trending likes.

Fake Account Detection

Prevent jargon inputs from customers and reduce bad data.

Our Compatible Device Brands

Get Connected

Kiwire enables various quick login methods including via social media platforms convenient for customers

Campaign Engine

Promote campaign ads upon sign in

Offer Package Options

Enable guests to purchase vouchers to get access to better speeds as a premium

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