The New Generation Captive Portal with Built-In Analytics & Campaign

Kiwire is a single platform that enables your customers to offer guest or user, Wi-Fi or network access. Using a customizable splash portal, powerful proximity and targeted marketing, advertising, and analytics applications, they can provide an engaging Wi-Fi and network experience.



Step 1 - Connect

Guest connect to your open

Wi-Fi network without a password 


Step 2 - Login

Guest are asked to login using Social Media, email or SMS


Step 3 - Engagement

Create a fully immersive guest Wi-Fi experience with videos, images, ads and many more


Real-Time Analytics

We provide data analytics, leveraging social and big data, location-based services, mobile data insights, and footfall analysis to improve people flows.

Marketing Campaign

Let the power of smart and deep learning identify the right audience group for each campaign objectives to deliver messages via the digital platform.

Connect with Social Login

Choose from a number of login options including custom social network app integrations (Facebook™, Instagram, Twitter, Kakaotalk, LinkedIn & many more).

Promote Mobile Apps

Promote your organisation mobile apps to user by using our campaign tool.

Ads Retarget

Retargets campaign let you engage your user out of your network by sending your ads to 3rdparty networks or  social media 

Page Editor

Our much loved versatile page maker comes with a major upgrade to provide our users with a variety of snippets and dynamic templates to choose from.

Campaign Management

Kiwire let you engage your users by setup such as start date , duration , max click limit as well as impression.

3rd Integrations

Kiwire continues the expansion of partnership integration, product features, customer loyalty, marketing automation system & more.

Super Cookies

Kiwire super cookie enable you to cross domain tracking capability to activate function.

Email Marketing

Send welcome email, or even email marketing to ask users to come back to venue using our email trigger option.

Public Survey

Kiwire offer unlimited survey and question on its platform enable you to create and obtain feedback from users.

Tiered Plan

Create multiple tiered plan that suite your users or  create multi tiered plan for each group of users.

Billing Notification

Kiwire will be able to directly send all billing notifications to your preferred email addresses.

Revenue Generated

Kiwire finance modules,

let you generate invoices and track payment progress of your users.

Extensive API

Kiwire come with intensive API syntax and call , that enable you to integrate and automate Kiwire within your data infrastructure.

Privacy Ensured

The first time user connect to network. The Terms & Condition will be display to ensure user privacy act is secured.

Login Control

With MAC security option enabled, you can limit only same device to use the account to prevent account sharing with other person or device

Flexible Reporting

Powerful Wi-Fi analytics to capture user data in real-time, including demographics, insights & more.

Boost Performance

Our platform get a turbo boost, an increase of 30% speed in most operation.

White Label

Rebrand Kiwire to your own brand and promote your brand, where you are MSP or WISP.

Kiwire Interfaces

   Kiwire continues the expansion of product features and partnership integrations.

PMS Integration_new.png

PMS Integration

Payment Gateway copy.png



Social Network.png

Social Network

Email Marketing:API.png

Email Marketing


Authentication server.png



Call accounting.png

Call Accounting


Unique Landing Page

Customizable Splash Page

Create your own custom landing page style that is both welcoming and captivating to empower your branding image. 

Many Different Login Flows

Client could choose login using social media (Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, LINE, Kakaotalk), email, hotel PMS, One-Time-Password (SMS), coupon, vouchers, subscription & many more.

Real Time Insights at your Fingertips

Up-to-date customer data in a simple and easy-to-use dashboard that can automatically collect guest profile information, including demographics, locations & interest.


With the growing mobile modernization throughout the world, having a robust wireless solution is imperative for businesses of all sizes.


The Kiwire software can provide the added efficiencies of new generation solution your company might be missing out from.


Our global outreach comprises of partners around the globe such as Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Equador, Spain all the way to the Northern Marina Islands and more.

industries_v2 copy.png

Our Software Benefits for these Industries


Smart City


Event Venue



Medical Centre

Our Software Solutions Work with Equipment from these Popular Brands


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