Provide the maximum flexibility & Analytics in managing user network access

Some Statistic of Our InSight Network

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Core Features


Powerful Management

Manage & monitor your networks remotely. No software controllers required.


Guest Access

Offer different types of login regularly, or in different zones. Actively engage customers.



Easily oversee multiple WiFi hotspot/zone, monitor status, limit users and set connection rules.


Drag and Drop Page Maker

Create your own pages with ease. Find multiple ways to engage target market.


Smart Campaign Engine

Promote videos and ads to customers prior to login.


Flexible Plans

Give internet for free or pay-per use, Kiwire support flexible plan option for your users, from free to hourly type options. there is an option that suit your operation needs.You can even create different type of plan to cater different type of user group.


Vendor Agnostic

Kiwire can work seamlessly with different Wi-Fi equipment vendors. This ensures optimal flexibility to support a new initiative or enhance a legacy Wi-Fi network. Plus, you can support any Wi-Fi network architecture with or without a controller.


Authentication Engine

Kiwire has a powerful and flexible integration module that lets you authenticate user identity via Microsoft Active Directory, Federate Radius, Property Management system, Social login (Facebook, google+ ,etc) and the API for your own in-house applications.



Obtain insight to your guest or user behaviour with our innovative report module from user login, type and brand of device used, average user usage time to how many are return user, when is the peak period and others key report for your overall network.


Monetize Your Network

Our solutions let you monetize your network in form of revenue for guest/user access or indirect revenue with marketing information.


Hi Performance

Designed & proven platform for High performance and support user from ten to thousand of user concurrently.



Kiwire is a secure platform that provides full audit log and secure operation network & Wi-Fi environment.


Microsoft / Office 365 Integration

Enable and Manage Microsoft / Office 365 login functionality.


High Availability

Keep your network always online.



Hotspot map build and look at the hotspot location.


Multi Tenant

The key that makes any Wi-Fi business model be possible.


Survey & Coupon

Create surveys and coupons on the fly.


Social Login

Social login. Live social and connect with just one click!


Multilevel Management

Create and manage different access for Kiwire.

Many Hearts, One Beat

Kiwire is a single platform that provide AAA and captive portal platform purpose-built for today’s service providers.

Offer guests and public Wi-Fi or network access . Using a customizable splash portal, powerful proximity marketing, advertising, and analytic applications, they can provide an engaging Wi-Fi and network  experience.


Kiwire is a next generation hotspot 2.0 compliance Wi-FI management application that is able to manage guest and user that provide :
  • Authenticate user with variety of method and data source
  • Provide comprehensive user policy securely.
  • Differentiate user or guest access plan
  • Enterprise user BYOD management.
  • Innovative analytic of network user behaviour and insights.
  • Big data network analytics.
  • Fully browser based ease of management control panel
  • Provide 1st line of marketing information to guest and user.
  • Scalable and High performance platform.


Enable your customers to personalize the splash portal presented by the captive portal to match the look and feel of their brand, provide location-based content and build customer loyalty. Thanks to the responsive design features, the splash portal adapts itself to the visitors’ devices.


Empower your customers to offer free or pay-per-use services in recurring or one-time formats. They can set time-based policies or provide vouchers through PINs. Plus, they can get visitors connected using auto-provisioning or help them benefit from self-provisioning on the splash portal. They can also authenticate with 3rd party identity source such as Microsoft Active Directory, Radius , Social network such as Facebook and more.


Enable your customers to collect and analyze information about online visitors registered to a specific Wi-Fi hotspot. They can access a wide range of metrics: capture rate, conversion rate, repeat rate, daily distribution of sessions, average session time, and number of single-time or recurring users.


Imagine the capability to engage your target user directly based on their behaviour and user grouping , no more mass campaign and hope relevant user will be engaged by your campaign. Kiwire provide the capability to run multiple campaign based on user behaviour , such as time of the day , location , milestone and many more . we can even offer to send notification or trigger  your in house application when a user is not seen in your network for more than 30 days to re-engage them.

Our Compatible Devices Brands

Technical Specification



  • Onsite, cloud hosted
    Onsite edition lets you scale according your business requirement need. While Cloud hosted model provides cost saving solutions to deploy Kiwire Platform.
  • Single or Multi-Tenant
    Standard Kiwire comes as a standalone edition, while multi-tenant edition lets you add tenant and with secure data domain into your platform, that let your tenant manage their virtual Kiwire platform.
  • Material Design
    Material Design is a visual design framework developed by Google that is flat, elegant, and vibrant creating a sleek, simplified and engaging interface.
  • Secure Web Platform
    A secure web platform that require:
  • Administer Change password on 1st login.
  • Auto logout after 20 min of inactivity.
  • Support Full SSL connection.
  • Password security compliance level low or high.
  • Full Logging & Audit of Administrator Operation
    Comply to sans standard logging & audit.
  • Automatic Schedule Database Archiving
  • Support Internalization and Multi Time Zone for Multi Tenant
    • Full support of internalization of language and locale.
    • Support multi-timezone and currency as well DST time zone.
  • Multi-lingual interface (English, BM, Chinese)
  • High Availability Support (Failover & Clustering N+1)
    • Built in High availability engine that synchronize data between 2 Kiwire platform.
    • Also supports N+1, clustered & load balancer configurations.
  • Built in Performance Tuning Tools
    Optimize Kiwire automatically based on your hardware. (* Only available on Standalone platform only)
  • Administrator Role Based Management and Assignment
    Add unlimited administrator with role based right assignment.
  • Support SSL/TLS SMTP
    Support SMTP connection that require SSL or TLS authentication.
  • Restful API support with 3rd party software.
  • WISPr compliance
    Comply to WBA Wispr 1.x compliance.
  • Hotspot 2.0 compliance
    Comply to Hotspot 2.0 compliance.
  • Logs
    Logging platform that provides log on detail.
  • Captive portal log.
  • System logs
  • Radius logs
Multi Tenant

Multi Tenant

  • Tenant Management Platform
    • Full fledge tenant management platform that let you add unlimited tenant
    • Limit no of NAS / AP tenant can have in their environment.
  • Individual Partition System
    A secure partition in system & database ensure tenant security and data integrity


  • Key Information Metric Dashboard
    Comes with Dashboard that provide information widget on users, login, health, alerts & captive portal impression.


  • Provides client with organisation, captive portal & invoice branding.


  • Simple Network & Fault Monitoring
    • Built in simple network monitoring to help monitor equipment health status in network.
    • Support ping, snmp & agent monitoring protocol.
    • Email notification of system or equipment fault to selected administrator
  • Monitoring Dashboard
    • An overview geographical dashboard of all equipment monitoring health status.
    • Monitoring report by devices by location and zones.
    • View device historic health status.


  • Voucher Login
    Voucher login using either voucher code or voucher code and password.
  • Local Account Users Login
    Local account user login.
  • Authenticate via integration engine
    Authenticate user via Kiwire integrations engine with remote identity services such as Radius, LDAP, Active Directory, PMS and OAuth.
  • Social Network Authentication
    Let user login via their social network account such as facebook, twitter, instagram, wechat , Microsoft account, google+ and VK.
  • SMS OTP Login
    Option to let user register their account and require OTP to confirm and complete the registration or login using mobile no and OTP as their password.
  • Email Verified Login
    Option to let user register their account and validate their email address to complete the registration.
  • Mac Authentication
    Mac auto login, with initial 1st time login.
  • Public Signup and Login, with Administrator Definable Additional Datafield.
    Public area self sign and login, platform administrator can add additional field for user to fill to complete the sign up.
  • Sponsored Guest Login
    Sponsored guest or visitor to your office or venue that required access to network can perfom sign up request but require verification from administrator via email confirmation or QR code scan to approve.
  • QR Code Login
    Allow user to login via QR code scanning.
  • Smart Roaming Feature
    Support user roaming between access point or sites with auto login option with or without captive splash page displayed.
Subscriber Management

Subscriber Management

  • Profiles
    • Create Profile that based on
    • Bandwidth – User bandwidth speed restriction for download and upload.
    • Volume Control – User bandwidth volume download and upload quota.
    • Time : Expiration – Limit user connection based from login time.
    • Time : Countdown – Limit user connection based on users usage time
    • Time : Free – No limit free plan for users
    • Time : Pay As You Use – Charge user based on usage time per minutes.
    • Concurrency – User devices concurrent control.
  • Control
    Manage subscribers and devices including create, suspend, edit credentials and change password
  • Grouping
    Group accounts by profiles.
  • Vouchers with Expiry
    • Support auto generation format in uuid unique id , predefine random code & no in sequence
    • Ability to print voucher in A4 size, POS slip, QR code for login or export to printer.
  • Local Account
    Locally created users.
  • Profile Advance
    Auto throttle accounts based on profile, swap user profile when user finish volume quota set by their existing profile.
  • Auto Reset Scheduler
    Schedule reset of users account by day, week, month or yearly.
  • Bulk Users Manager
    Update or delete users account by bulk.
  • Automatic Suspension & Purge of Expired Users
    Built in function to option to automatically purge with option to purge acoount that passed expiry.


  • OAuth 2.0
    Support OAuth Open Authorization) which is an open standard for token-based authentication and authorization on the Internet.
  • Radius (Proxy or Local Profile Override)
    Support user authentication with remote authentication via proxy ( carry forward profiles ) , local profile overriding options as well smart radius attribute tag checker.
  • LDAP v2/3
    Support user authentication with LDAP v2 or v3 remote LDAP server.
  • Microsoft Active Directory
    Support user authentication with Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Cloud SMS Gateway
    • Support integration and utilize popular cloud SMS provider for sms operation such as Twillio.
    • Support generic Cloud SMS Gateway and connect using our API connector builder.
  • Cloud Marketing Mail Provider
    Synchronize email address collected from sign up with popular cloud marketing software such as mad mini or mailchimp mail list.
  • Socket or Cloud Hospitality Property Management System
    • Support integration with popular Hospitality management system such as
      JDS, FCS , IDB , and others.
    • Smart password use guest name as login password, with room no.
    • Support guest check-in, check-out, room reallocation operations.
    • Support posting of charges into hospitality management system.
    • Support VIP code override for changes or profile changes for users.
  • Oracle Micros Fidelio
    • Integration with PMS for check-in checkout information.
    • Smart password using guest name as login password with room no.
    • PMS VIP code support, override of charges and profile for users.
    • Support posting of charges into hospitality management system.
    • Support VIP code override for changes or profile changes for users.
  • Social Network
    Integrate with popular social network for authentication (facebook, instagram, wechat, google+, twitter, Microsoft Account ( & VK).
  • Omaya Location Base Services (LBS)
    Integrate with Omaya location based services engine to provide statistics of offline crowd density, dwell time and other metrics.
Access Controller Interoperability

Access Controller Interoperability

  • Support the Following Brand Equipment Access Controller:
    • Mikrotik
    • Ubiquiti UAP
    • Fortigate
    • Extreme Network (formally known as Motorolla)
    • Ruijie AP
    • Ruckus Smartzone Series
    • Ruijie CMCC
  • Support COA Functionality
    Support Access Controller change of account for profile change or disconnect (for supported controller only).
  • Multi Radius Attribute Support
    Attach additional Radius attribute specific for access controller.
  • Smart Zone Creation
    • Smart zone engine which a zone can be define by vlan (IEEE 802.1Q) ip address, nas id or ssid.
    • Apply zone restriction on users, to allow user to only able to login from selected zone.
    • Zone monitoring, support monitoring of devices within a zone.
    • Limit max login per zone.


  • Firewall
    Create Firewall policy globally to all Controller/AP or specific to a Controller/AP.
  • Wallgarden/Whitelist
    Create Wallgarden policy globally to all Controller/AP or specific to a Controller/AP.
  • Zone Restriction
    Apply zone restriction to user to be able login from selected zone only.
  • Mac Security
    Lockdown of account associated with device mac address and only allow the associated device to use the account.
  • Mac Auto Register
    Automatic register of device mac address to user account upon login.
  • NAS Synchronization
    Synchronize NAS active table with Kiwire active user table periodically
  • Only 1 Login Policy
    Disconnect 1st user login if same username relogin twice.


  • Campaign Manager
    • Smart campaign management.
    • Time: support start & end date, interval.
    • Smart target list and zone.
    • Smart trigger based on connect, 1st login, disconnect, dwell, milestone, last visit.
    • Definable skip timer for captive campaign.
    • Offline campaign (sms, email, web hook).
    • Approve management function; require approval to set campaign live.
  • Ads Manager
    • Survey engine.
    • Create unlimited survey form.
    • Support text, selection or multi choice question.
  • Coupon Engine
    • Create unlimited coupon with images.
    • Coupon listing on page via page maker.
    • Support QR code scanning.
    • Track user view on coupon redemption.


  • Voucher Report
    • Reports on quantity of voucher and value generated.
    • Lists upcoming soon to expire account or voucher report.
    • Activated voucher reports.
    • Expired voucher reports.
  • PMS Posting
    Manual posting of charges to PMS integrations.
  • Invoices
    • Automatic generation of monthly or weekly invoices
    • Printer friendly invoices format.
User Control Panel

User Control Panel

  • User’s Control Panel
    Lets user manage their own account with ability to change password, update profile view login history.
Captive Portal Engine

Captive Portal Engine

  • Responsive Captive Portal
    Page generated by captive portal are responsive to user devices.
  • Page Maker
    • Easy to use drag & drop page maker to make informative page or login pages using snippet block.
    • Authentication method (voucher, account, integration, social network & etc).
    • Slider for rotating images.
    • Square or round images block.
    • Typography.
    • Coupon & survey.
  • Media Library
    • Upload and manage media.
    • Media gallery.
  • T&C Editor
    Create your terms & condition using online editor.
  • Journey Editor
    Design the path your customers take to get online, from campaign to login process.
  • Sign Up Page Data Field
    Manage datafield for user to fill in during signup process.
  • Error Notification
    Customize error notifications prompt to users.
Analytics Report

Analytics Report

  • Account Summary
    Summary of all users account type in system, report of account or its forecast expiration, report prepaid activated and fresh prepaid/voucher.
  • Login Reports
    Know who is connected, login record, login transaction, login transaction summary, login frequency (by user, by device or by profile), login Concurrency, report on login error encountered by users, login dwell time, know your return user, top users and new/repeat login reporting.
  • Bandwidth
    Overall bandwidth usage globally or by sites, bandwidth usage by user, historic top bandwidth users and current top bandwidth users.
  • Monitoring
    Reporting on device/equipment availability and device availability report over period of time.
  • Campaign
    Campaign reporting on captive portal impression (global or by zone), comparison of impression of campaign vs actual login for campaign fatique indication, per campaign impression, per campaign click engagement, offline campaign reach (SMS, Email or API), SMS send report and voucher redemption rate
  • Insight
    User device report (type of device & brand of devices used), visitor registration data, user access url, users social network analytic and user profile for social network info, survey result and locations based information statistic.
  • Logs
    View Radius, NAS, Kiwire syslog, captive portal, High availability cluster and SMS log or syslogs.
  • Real-time logs
    View real-time logs of radius and captive portal webservice.


  • Diagnostic Account
    Perform account diagnostic to troubleshoot user having problem login in.
  • Software Update
    Perform software update to platform.
  • Database Management
    • Perform database diagnostic and auto repair.
    • View database performance & Optimization.
    • View database disk usage.
    • Backup & restore database.
    • Purge old logs & reset statistics.
  • Service Health Check
    System service check.
  • IP Network Calculator
    Calculate network subnet and range.
  • Ping Tools
    Perform network diagnostic.
  • Find Mac Address
    Find account associated with mac address and login locations.

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