Kiwire™ Marketing and Datasheet Resources

DetailDownloadDate Published
Kiwire™ 2.0 API (2018) pdfKiwire™ 2.0 API (2018).pdf
February 2018
Kiwire™ Data Sheet (2018) Kiwire™ Datasheet (2018).pdfpdfApril 2018
Kiwire™ Technical Specification (2018) pdfKiwire™ Datasheet (2018).pdf
January 2018
Kiwire™ 2.0 PMS API (2017) pdfKiwire™ API (2017).pdf
July 2017
Kiwire™ Data Sheet (2017) pdfKiwire™ Datasheet (2017).pdf
June 2017
Kiwire™ Wi-Fi Brochure (2017) pdfKiwire™ Wifi Brochure.pdf
April 2017
Kiwire™ REST API Protocol (2017) pdfKiwire™ Rest API (2017).pdf
Feb 2017
Kiwire™ 1.6 Enterprise Performance Benchmark pdfKiwire™ 1.6 Benchmark.pdfJuly 2016
Kiwire™ EDX:PMS API SpecificationpdfKiwire™ PMS:EDX API
Aug 2015
Kiwire™ 1.5 Enterprise Performance Benchmark pdfKiwire™ 1.5 Benchmark.pdfSept 2014
Kiwire™ Electronic Data Exchange ( EDX ) pdfKiwire™ EDX.pdf
Sept 2014
Kiwire™ REST API Protocol (2014-2016) pdfKiwire™ Rest API.pdf
Sept 2014

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