Kiwire 2.0 Build 8 provides more software updates that add new features and brings some great new functionality, more supported devices and also some bug fixes.

Kiwire 2.0 introduces a number of new features including in Page Maker, where users allow to sign up using MAC devices. Each of these releases, enhancements to the performance by utilizing 100% memcached server to speed up the system, stability and operation of your Kiwire.

Let’s check out a detailed list of Kiwire 2.0 features and fixes below:

What’s New

    • Page Maker – New login snippet. User sign up using MAC address device.
    • Performance – Enhancement by utilizing 100% memcached server to speed up the system.
    • Bandwidth Report – Bandwidth vs number of users report to provide information on number of users and bandwidth utilized during the time period.
    • New Device – Support for Nom’adix and Meraki devices.

Beta Features

      • Ability for QR Login directly from user device, usefull for IOS11 devices.
      • New payment gateway added (Payfast / Paypal / Wirecard / senangPay.
      • Now available users own control panel (cpanel) with statistics information.
      • Login (on behalf) registered user / device.
      • Platform architecture now support Multiple superuser and read only option.
      • Templete designer for email, SMS, voucher and user status page.
      • Tools : System quick fix to quickly tackle simple issue.
      • New zone bandwidth control management.
      • Smart campaign engine (targeting) based on user demographic information.
      • Statictics email to user.
      • Promote mobile app banner.

In the last few maintenance updates, we’ve enhanced the operation of many key areas, which is:

      • API now changed to API2 (now with permission).
      • Fixed an issue in CRON (scheduler) management.
      • Option to login or redirect user after successful registration.
      • Using CentOS 7 as the based operating system.
      • Radius server upgraded to version 3.0 from 2.2x.
      • MySQL changed to MariaDB.
      • Fully migrated to InnoDB from MyISAM.
      • PHP upgraded to version 5.6 from 5.3.
      • Fixed some issues on Javascript in landing page.
      • Resolved an issue where using Device Detector framework to get user device information more accurately.
      • Include user device information and zone in login record and who is online report.
      • Resolved an issue where campaign video auto-play (in muted).

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