“Give Guests a Fast, Reliable Wireless Home Away from Home”

“94% of people cite Wi-Fi as the most important amenity”

This presents the perfect opportunity to learn more about your guests’ on-premise behaviors and generate additional revenue through marketing initiatives.

“38% of hotel guests consider no Wi-Fi a deal-breaker and will look elsewhere”

Kiwire is a versatile hotel Wi-Fi solution that meets primary needs for guests while allowing hotels to upsell premium Wi-Fi and better engage both guests and visitors.

“67% of travellers consider Wi-Fi an important criterion for accommodation”

Take advantage and gather customer data with Kiwire.

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No more complicated wifi password, but just like home!

Using Kiwire platform enables you to provide a vibrant and branded Wi-Fi login screen, while making the login process simple for hotel guests to access network. Choose from a variety of login methods through social network accounts such as facebook, twitter, instagram, wechat or login using their name and room no. All this while having a reliable and secured network connection to internet.

Get More With Free Wi-Fi
Offering Wi-Fi service is a standard amenity in the industry, but to date, the hospitality segment has only had two options on how to approach Wi-Fi. You could either offer free Wi-Fi to all of your guests and spend a fortune a month all to get nothing in return or, force guests to pay for WiFi access and lose them to competitors who are willing to eat those costs. We are here to tell you to have another option: Offer free Wi-Fi as well as upsell premium Wi-Fi to your guest. With free Wi-Fi you option you can engage with your guest with latest offering and upsell your hotel or properties services to users. Our intelligent campaign manager let your target the correct message , advertisement to the correct users profile.

Premium Wi-Fi
Our built in page maker enable you to upsell premium Wi-Fi services that provide higher internet speed to hotel guest , enable you to provide a tier based services that let you monetize your Wi-Fi services.

New Revenue Stream
Create new revenue streams through third party advertising and sponsorship of the splash page and messaging.

Fair Policy Option
Assign profile to each guest so they are not able to abuse the Wi-Fi services and ensure a great experience for all the guest when using the Wi-Fi services.

Wi-Fi Management for Dummies
Our platform are design from ground up not to be dummy proof making it ease of use and let hospitality operator focus on the guest not the software.

Kiwire™ can be integrated with popular PMS software such as Microsoft, Opera, JDS, FCS and others PMS software.

Build a Social Network
When guests want to access your Wi-Fi network, they are asked to either “like” your brand page on Facebook or “Follow” your brand page on Twitter. This gives you the ability to maintain a relationship with your guests like never before. Have a promotion that you want to share? No problem. Give your fans coupons they can redeem and share with all their friends on their social network. Allow them to share photos and videos with everyone of their great experience at your hotel and have them encourage their friends to join them. Our intelligent software helps to automate this marketing. Start today, make your Wi-Fi work for you.

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