Synchroweb Training Academy

Designed with our customers in mind, we are proud to introduce our in-house training programme Synchroweb Academy. As a professional body our training academy is specially designed by our experienced and certified trainers.

We offer free workshops, info sessions, product demonstrations on networking products from wireless technology to advanced analytics to help you develop knowledge skills and improve personal success. Always be prepared! Join us to get the know how on the future of Wi-Fi.

Training Schedule

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Date Training Details
21/08/2019 UBNT (Configuration of PTP/PTMP) Download Agenda
04/09/2019 Mikrotik (Configuration with FlashStart) Download Agenda
18/09/2019 Mimosa (Introduction and demonstration to configure Mimosa unit) Download Agenda
01/10/2019 Kiwire + Omaya Download Agenda
09/10/2019 UBNT System Configuration USG, UAP & Switch. Download Agenda
06/11/2019 Mikrotik VLAN with the Edgeswitch & UAP Download Agenda
20/11/2019 Point to Multipoint MIMOSA Download Agenda
4/12/2019 Mikrotik Point to Point Download Agenda
18/12/2019 Point to Point UBNT Download Agenda
08/01/2020 Mikrotik VPN, PPPOE & Configuration Training Download Agenda
05/02/2020 UBNT Configuration of EdgeMax Products (Router & Switch) Download Agenda
19/02/2020 Mikrotik Hotspot Configuration with Kiwire. Download Agenda

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